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The first American Abrams tanks have arrived in Ukraine, announces Zelensky

The Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelensky announced this Monday the arrival in your country of the first American Abrams tankswith which his army hopes to give new impetus to the slow counter-offensive against Russian troops.

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Good news from the minister (of Defense, Rustem) Umerov. ‘O Abrams are already in Ukraine and they are preparing to reinforce our brigades‘”, he said Zelensky in a statement on social media.

The delivery of these tanks was announced last week by the President of the United States Joe Biden on the occasion of a visit for O The White House in Zelensky seeking additional support amid the Ukrainian counteroffensive to liberate territories occupied by Russia.

U.S promised for Ukraine 31 tanks Abramsequipped with 120 mm depleted uranium ammunition.

These munitions can pierce armor, but are also controversial for monitoring the toxic risks for the military and its population.

Source: Elcomercio

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