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Who will be the next speaker of the United States House of Representatives?

Who will be the next speaker of the United States House of Representatives?

Who will be the next speaker of the United States House of Representatives?

After the historic dismissal of Kevin McCarthy As president of the United States House of Representatives, the names of his possible successors are beginning to emerge.

One of them is the Republican Jim Jordanchairman of the House Judiciary Committee, who officially ran on Wednesday, but is not the only one.

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It should be noted that any candidate who wants to preside over the Chamber will need to receive 218 votes of support.

Kevin McCarthy He was ousted on Tuesday by lawmakers from his own party who were furious that he helped Democrats reach a tentative budget deal over the weekend that averted a federal government shutdown.

Thus, for the first time in its 234 years of history, the Chamber of Representatives He chose to “leave the position of president vacant” by 216 votes in favor and 210 against.

Republican Representative Matt Gaetz (left) and former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. (Photo by Mandel NGAN/AFP). (MANDEL NGAN/)

Republican congressman Matt Gaetz was the one who promoted the motion on Monday to dismiss McCarthy.

“The reason why Kevin McCarthy It fell today because no one trusts Kevin McCarthy“, he said Gaetz after the vote. “Kevin McCarthy “He made multiple contradictory promises and when they were all fulfilled, he lost,” he added.

Now these are the candidates who are emerging to succeed McCarthy:

Representative Jim Jordan.  (Photo by Mandel NGAN/AFP).

Representative Jim Jordan. (Photo by Mandel NGAN/AFP). (MANDEL NGAN/)

Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan is a representative of Ohio. On Wednesday, when asked if he was running for president of the Chamber of Representativesresponded “yes,” according to CNN.

Jordan He added that he had just spoken to the House Majority Leader, Steve Scalisethe No. 2 Republican, who he will likely face, CNN said.

In January of this year, Jordan had been nominated for the position by hard-line conservatives, during the Republican Party’s fight for the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies, which ended up being won by McCarthy.

As CNN reminds us, Jordan was an important ally of McCarthy. He used his position as chairman of the Judiciary Committee to investigate Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for their accusations against the former president. donald trumpas well as the Department of Justice for its investigation into Hunter Biden.

Jordan He is a founding member of the Conservative Republican group Freedom Convention. He supported lawsuits to invalidate the results of the 2020 presidential election won by Democrat Joe Biden and voted in favor of not certifying that year’s Electoral College results.

House Republican leadership member Steve Scalise.  (Photo by Mandel NGAN/AFP).

House Republican leadership member Steve Scalise. (Photo by Mandel NGAN/AFP). (MANDEL NGAN/)

Steve Scalise

Steve Scalise is representative for Louisiana. On Wednesday he announced his intention to succeed McCarthy.

He is 57 years old and is the favorite to win the vote.

He has been a leader of Republican Study Committee and is considered more conservative than McCarthywith whom he had a somewhat distant relationship, notes The New York Times.

The NYT also states that Scale already seeks the support of the powerful parliamentarian Tom EmmerMinnesota representative and Republican disciplinary officer.

“I know that the next few weeks will be some of the hardest we will face together, but this Conference is worth fighting for: we cannot lose sight of our common mission. “Now, more than ever, we must repair the deep wounds that exist in our Conference and focus on our goals so that we can get back to working for the millions of people who count on us,” he said Scale in a statement this Wednesday. “It is with this sense of responsibility and purpose that I seek the nomination of the Conference for President of the Chamber”, he added.

CNN indicated that Scale He has suffered serious health problems in recent years. In August, he revealed that he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and began chemotherapy treatment. He was also seriously injured in the 2017 shooting while training for a congressional baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia. The attacker was an anti-Trump extremist.

In 2014, he had to publicly apologize for having participated in a white nationalist meeting held in 2002, recalled the NYT. On that occasion he said he would not have attended if he had been better informed about the group.

Tom Emmer, Minnesota Republican.  (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP).

Tom Emmer, Minnesota Republican. (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP). (SAUL LOEB/)

Tom Emmer

Tom Emmerrepresentative for Minnesotais another of the favorites to occupy the position of McCarthyalthough he has not yet confirmed whether he will compete.

On Tuesday night, Emmer seemed to give a sign of support Steve Scalise. Leaving a Republican Party meeting, he told reporters that “Scale He’s been a friend for a long time. “He would be a great president.”

CNN reported that he was first elected to Congress in 2014 and became majority leader earlier this year.

In 2010, he lost the race for governor of Minnesota.

He currently serves on the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee.

Kevin Hern.

Kevin Hern. (Franmarie Metzler; US Chamber Photography Office/)

Kevin Hern

Kevin Hern61 years old, has been in Congress since 2018 and is president of the conservative Republican Study Committee.

According to the New York Times, he is a prosperous businessman who began his career managing several franchises. McDonalds.

He told CNN on Wednesday that he is considering entering the party leadership race, also hinting at a run for House speaker.

“I’m doing what I’ve always done. I’ve had many conversations about leadership. So I’m going to listen to the Texas delegation,” he said Hern when asked if he would run for president of the House of Representatives.

The NYT said that after the overthrow of McCarthy, Hern began making calls to gauge support for his candidacy and spoke about it on Newsmax. He said the American people “want real results, and I think I can get them if people want to put me in that position.”

According to CNN, hardline Republicans grouped in the Freedom Convention they scrambled the name of Hern as a possible candidate in meetings and other private conversations in recent weeks.

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