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Trump leads Biden in the polls in five key states, a year before the US elections.

Trump leads Biden in the polls in five key states, a year before the US elections.

Trump leads Biden in the polls in five key states, a year before the US elections.

Former Republican President donald trump (2017-2021) surpasses the current president, the Democrat Joe Bidenin surveys in several key states a year before the elections in U.Sas indicated this Sunday by The New York Times.

Polls from the newspaper and Siena Poll show that Trump, his party’s favorite, leads Biden in the race Snow fall, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan It is Pennsylvaniaand Biden narrowly wins Wisconsin; They are all states”hinge”In which the Democrat won in the last elections.

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Trump surpasses by between three and ten points Joe Biden in the first five states while Biden surpasses by two donald trump in the latter, according to the data.

Although the elections are a year away and there may be events that change the situation, these polls reflect voters’ doubts regarding Biden, especially due to his advanced age and dissatisfaction with his management of the economy.

On the other hand, they also highlight how Trump’s complicated judicial future, which is immersed in a civil trial and then faces four criminal trials, does not seem to affect his popularity.

Polls were conducted by telephone with live operators among 3,662 registered voters between October 22 and November 3.

On January 15th, Republicans in Iowa and on February 3rd, Democrats in South Carolina The primary processes that will take place in all 50 states begin.

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They will be the starting signal for a series of caucuses and primaries with important dates from March 5, Super Tuesday, through July 15, the Republican party hold your convention to make the candidate official. On August 19, Democrats will do the same.

Trump must defeat figures like Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy any Chris Christiewho so far have not been able to overshadow him or come close to him in the polls.

In U.S There is no legislation that prevents him from running in elections, even if he is found guilty, nor from being a presidential candidate since his arrest.

Source: Elcomercio

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