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Ecuador: President of the Judiciary is arrested in mega-operation for corruption and drug trafficking

Ecuador: President of the Judiciary is arrested in mega-operation for corruption and drug trafficking

Ecuador: President of the Judiciary is arrested in mega-operation for corruption and drug trafficking

The President of the Judicial Council of the EcuadorWilman Terán was arrested this Thursday as part of an alleged major corruption plot with infiltration of drug trafficking into the judicial, penitentiary and police systems, which involves 30 people being investigated, including senior judges, prosecutors, police officers, lawyers and criminals.

In a message published on social media, The Attorney General, Diana Salazar, announced that she will file charges for alleged organized crime against Terán and thirty other people investigated in the case called ‘Metástase’.so called due to the extension of this apparent corruption plan at different levels of the State.

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Terán’s arrest was carried out as part of a major operation carried out in the early hours of Thursday that involved more than 75 home raids. in seven of the country’s twenty-four provinces and which involved the deployment of more than 900 people, including prosecutors and police.

Terán announced the moment of his arrest on social mediawhich he described as “without any basis”.

“Respecting the law, I will defend myself. With this persecution they destroyed their judicial career,” she added. Teranwhose house was invaded and searched, as well as the offices of the Judicial Council.

A few hours earlier, in another video message posted on social media, the president of the Judicial Council had warned about this operationwhich he said “lacks all legitimacy and only obeys the interests of achieving and destabilizing Justice and, therefore, democracy.

“Here I am, here I am, I’m in my office and I’m not hiding anything,” Terán said.who stated that this operation seeks to prevent his intention to purge the Judiciary.

This episode takes place amidst strong tensions over Terán’s continued tenure in officeafter the Council for Citizen Participation and Citizen Participation (CPCCS) appointed him in February and the National Court of Justice withdrew its confidence in him in August.

In parallel, ‘correismo’ tries to promote a political trial in the National Assembly (Parliament) to remove the attorney generalafter having presented in previous years the accusation that led to the disqualification and sentence of eight years in prison for bribery to former president Rafael Correa (2007-2017).

Salazar explained that this investigation involving Terán arises from the prison murder last year of Leandro Norero, one of Ecuador’s alleged biggest drug traffickers.

From this fact “indications of a criminal structure incorporated at all levels of the State and directly linked to drug trafficking“, said the attorney general.

“(The) leaders of the criminal structure had money obtained from illegal activities and located corrupt officials who carried out their processes to obtain undue advantages in a system consumed by the cancer of corruption”, he added.

Salazar considered that “the Metástase Case is a clear x-ray of how drug trafficking has taken over State institutions”.to operate with illicit money from judicial and political bodies and achieve impunity in some cases.”

O Supervisor He emphasized that “today the term ‘narcopolitics’ has become evident and is no longer distant, because we can see how criminal structures have permeated institutions to achieve their objectives, and certainly the response to this operation will be an escalation of violence. ” .

Among the others detained are former criminal judge Ronald Guerrero and retired police general Pablo Ramírez.who was director of the national penitentiary system and later director of the Anti-Narcotics Police Unit.

Source: Elcomercio

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