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‘Free Coleen’: Family of French woman detained in Senegal calls for her ‘immediate release’

‘Free Coleen’: Family of French woman detained in Senegal calls for her ‘immediate release’

‘Free Coleen’: Family of French woman detained in Senegal calls for her ‘immediate release’

“Free Colin.” Relatives of Colleen Fay, a 26-year-old French woman detained in Senegal after her participation in a demonstration, called on Saturday for “her immediate release” during a rally of about 150 people in her region of Grenoble (Isere). original.

Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna was questioned on the matter in a letter sent by her lawyer Juan Branco and two left-wing MPs, environmentalist Aurélien Taché and Insoumise Sofia Chiquiru.

The young French woman has been in custody since November 17 and “we want to urge the ministry to release her as quickly as possible,” her brother, 24-year-old Antonin, explained on Saturday. “We are in the dark,” he said on the sidelines of performances staged downtown with a large “Free Colin” banner.

Severely sentenced

According to her lawyer, the girl was arrested “during peaceful participation in a demonstration.” According to the same source, she is accused of “conspiracy against state power,” for which she faces a severe sentence. “These accusations are insane,” his brother Antonin assured him.

Colleen Fay is in the Liberté 6 women’s detention center in Senegal and has been on a hunger strike for 12 days, her lawyers said. She lives “with 35 people in a cell, with a mattress for two,” but according to her family, she is under daily medical supervision since her hunger strike.

The girl, who became interested in Extinction Rebellion while studying in Spain, came to work in Senegal as a physiotherapist in a pregnancy center. Authorities in Dakar did not respond to requests about the conditions of his arrest or what he is accused of.

“Political tension”

The letter from two lawmakers and his lawyer said his arrest “is part of the climate of political tension in Senegal” and “the authoritarian excesses committed by the Dakar regime under Macky Sall against dissident voices and popular movements.” especially those associated with the political opposition led by Ousmane Sonko.”

Colin Fay’s lawyer Juan Branco is also the lawyer of Ousmane Sonko, who is currently in prison. Found guilty in June of debauchery of a minor and sentenced to two years in prison, he was jailed in late July on other charges including incitement to insurrection, criminal association in connection with terrorist activities and public security. Ousmane Sonko denounces in all these cases a plot to prevent him from running in the February 2024 presidential elections, which the government denies.

Source: Le Parisien

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