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The keys to Joe Biden’s easy victory in South Carolina

The keys to Joe Biden’s easy victory in South Carolina

The keys to Joe Biden’s easy victory in South Carolina

The President of the United States, Joe Bideneasily won the Democratic primary South Carolina for the November elections, in which he will possibly run with the Republican donald trump.

Biden81 years old, swept the South Carolina with 96.2% of the votes. The president only had two rivals: the parliamentarian and the businessman Dean Phillipswho obtained 2.1% of the votes, and author of self-help books Marianne Williamsonwhich gained 1.7%.

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Through a declaration, Biden I say that South Carolina put him back “on the path” to winning the Presidency and making donald trump be a “loser” again.

“In 2020, voters from South Carolina “which proved the experts wrong, breathed new life into our campaign, and set us on the path to winning the presidency,” he said. Biden. “Now, in 2024, the population of South Carolina He spoke again and I have no doubt they put us on the path to winning the presidency again and making Donald Trump a loser again.”

These are the keys to Biden’s victory:

A person votes in the Democratic presidential primary at a polling place in South Carolina. (Allison Joyce/AFP). (ALLISON JOYCE/)

This is the first time in 50 years that the Democratic Party begins its primaries in South Carolina.

“Hello South Carolina. If you ever doubt the power to change America It’s in your hands, you’ve proven it. You are the reason I am president. You are the reason why Kamala Harris She is a historic vice president. And you are the reason why donald trump He is a defeated former president. You are the reason why donald trump He’s a loser. And you are the reason we will beat him and defeat him again,” Biden said in a speech before Saturday’s primaries.

The Democratic electorate of South Carolina It is mainly composed of African American votersone of the backbones of the party.

26% of residents of South Carolina They are back. In the 2020 general election, African American voters made up 11% of the national electorate and 9 in 10 of them supported Bidenaccording to AP VoteCast, a broad survey of voters in that election.

In 2020, after losing the primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, Biden won in South Carolina with twice as many votes as his closest rival, Bernie Sanders.

South Carolina It was the first presidential primary or caucus that Biden won in his life after running for President three times, in 1998, 2008 and 2020, when his campaign started so badly in Iowa and New Hampshire. So, personally, North Carolina for Biden, the former senator and former vice president from Delaware, is a political home away from home for him,” Associated Press journalist Bill Barrow told El País.

Despite its symbolic value, Biden unlikely to win South Carolina in November electionbecause for the last 48 years that state has supported Republican presidential candidates.

A woman leaves a polling place at Stiles Point Elementary School in Charleston, South Carolina, on February 3, 2024. (Photo by Jim WATSON/AFP).

A woman leaves a polling place at Stiles Point Elementary School in Charleston, South Carolina, on February 3, 2024. (Photo by Jim WATSON/AFP). (JIM WATSON/)

One of the challenges Democrats in South Carolina was to guarantee participation similar to that of the primaries four years ago.

But with the count almost complete, during election day 131,315 people voted South Carolinawhich represents a 75% decrease compared to 2020, when 539,263 participated, reported the EFE agency.

In 2020, Biden He competed against several top Democrats for the party’s nomination, but now faces virtually no competition.

South Carolina assigned to Biden 55 delegates out of the 2,000 he will need to officially proclaim himself as the Democratic candidate for the November elections.

This Tuesday will be the turn of Snow fallthe second state where Democrats will vote in the primaries.

In Snow fall 22% of voters are Latino, according to the Pew Center. Biden He campaigned this Sunday in Las Vegas, where most Hispanics live.

In 2020, Biden overcome trump in Snow fall by just 2.4 percentage points. Although in 2016 the then Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton also won in Snow fall against Trump by a narrow margin.

Source: Elcomercio

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