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US: Vice President Kamala Harris ‘ready to serve’ her country

US: Vice President Kamala Harris ‘ready to serve’ her country

US: Vice President Kamala Harris ‘ready to serve’ her country

As debate over President Joe Biden’s age begins again, Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris, 59, said she is “ready to serve” her country in an interview published Monday in the Wall Street Journal. She assures that anyone who sees her at work “concludes that she is quite capable of leading. »

The interview, the Wall Street Journal clarifies, was conducted two days before the publication last Thursday of the US attorney’s devastating comments about the memory of 81-year-old Joe Biden. Robert Gur, the special prosecutor tasked with investigating the US president’s secret documents, declined to prosecute him, arguing, among other things, that the jury would be reluctant to convict “an elderly man with a faulty memory.” .

The remarks rocked the campaign nine months before November’s presidential election, which is likely to pit Joe Biden against former 77-year-old Republican President Donald Trump.

All polls highlight the Democrat’s age as his biggest weakness among voters who doubt his ability to run for reelection.

She defends Joe Biden

The day after the prosecutor’s report was released, Kamalas Harris defended the president. On Friday, she particularly slammed the “political motives” of the magistrate in question, who is a Republican, while praising the way Joe Biden has governed.

The American Constitution provides that the vice president takes the place of the president if the latter dies or becomes unable to perform his functions.

This does not mean, however, that Kamala Harris will automatically become the Democratic candidate if Joe Biden leaves the race for one reason or another before the election.

Source: Le Parisien

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