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European Union will try to identify those responsible for Navalny’s death to sanction them

European Union will try to identify those responsible for Navalny’s death to sanction them

European Union will try to identify those responsible for Navalny’s death to sanction them

The European Union (EU) will try to identify those responsible for the death in prison of the Russian opponent Alexey Navalny sanction them, said this Monday the high community representative for Foreign Affairs and Security, Josep Borrell.

“We will review the list of our sanctions,” Borrell said at a press conference at the end of an EU Foreign Ministers’ Council, to which Navalny’s widow was invited. Yulia Navalnaya.

European ministers issued a statement in which they expressed their outrage at Navalny’s death, for which they considered the Russian president to be ultimately responsible. Vladimir Putin and his regime.

They conveyed their condolences to Navalnaya, who made it clear during her participation in the Council that “Putin is not Russia and Russia is not Putin”Borrell said.

The head of community diplomacy acknowledged the difficulty in identifying those directly responsible for Navalny’s death in the remote Arctic prison where he was transferred in December.

“I don’t believe the information is very clear in this regard, but this is what the technical bodies of my services will have to see together with the Member States”, to the point.

“The EU will spare no effort to hold Russian political leaders and authorities accountable, in close coordination with our partners, and impose new costs on their actions, including through sanctions,” he said. the ministers indicated in their statement.

In honor of Navalny, they also reached a political agreement to place his name in the EU legal framework to sanction human rights violations around the world, as Borrell had proposed.

This regime is similar to the United States Magnitsky Act, named after the lawyer Sergei Magnitskydied in pre-trial detention in 2009, after exposing a multimillion-dollar corruption scheme involving senior Russian officials.

European ministers insisted that Russia must allow for an independent and transparent international investigation about the circumstances of the opponent’s sudden death.

AND They called for the immediate release of hundreds of people detained in Russia for paying tribute to Navalny’s memory.

The ministers praised Navalny’s work against corruption throughout Russia, “a message that appealed to many across the country”, which is why they consider that “Putin and his regime feared him”, also in the context of the current war of aggression against Ukraine and the Russian presidential elections in March, they noted.

Borrell also spoke about support for Ukraine and, in this sense, said that he clarified today to Member States that they can be reimbursed through the European Peace Support Fund (FEAP) if they decide to buy weapons for Kiev from non-European suppliers. “because they think they are given better conditions” or supplied “more quickly”.

Source: Elcomercio

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