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Hundreds of tractors block Brussels in violent demonstration in front of institutions

Hundreds of tractors block Brussels in violent demonstration in front of institutions

Hundreds of tractors block Brussels in violent demonstration in front of institutions

Around nine hundred tractors block the European district of Brussels protest, with some attempts at violence, on the outskirts of the institutions of the European Union (EU) against falling incomes, environmental regulations, administrative burdens or free trade agreements.

The demands take place within the scope of the meeting of ministers of EU Agriculturewho are meeting today in the community capital to debate responses to the widespread demands in the area from the different countries of the community club, which have been demonstrating against European standards for weeks.

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On the main avenue of the European quarter, the Rue de la Loihundreds of tractors form a long procession that blocks the passage since early morning and where a few meters from the Council of HUH Some protesters burned tires and bales of straw, threw fireworks and even threw eggs and oranges at community buildings.

O burning tires and the straw started small controlled fires which, however, were soon put out by the firefighters, despite the boos of some protesters, who tried to make their work difficult.

Farmers are angry because we work hard, we produce the food that people need and we don’t make a living from it (…), that’s why we are here again today in Brussels“, the spokesperson for Via Campesina European Coordination, Morgan Ody, told EFE.

This platform is one of the organizations that joined the protest, together with the Federation of Young Farmers (FJA), the United Federation of Breeders and Farmers Groups (LEAK OUT), the Walloon Agricultural Federation (FWA), the Peasant Action Movement (map) and Boerenforum.

Ody explained that the area’s main demands are to prevent free trade agreements, like the one that has not yet been concluded. European Union it’s him Mercosurand achieve a minimum price for agricultural products that covers production costs: “Farmers don’t earn a living and that’s the big problem.”

Furthermore, ody recalled that organizations such as Via Campesina They do not advocate the elimination of environmental standards, aware of the effects of climate change and the biodiversity crisis, but they state that, to solve this problem, it is first necessary to achieve “sustainable production”.

Farmers are mobilizing all over the world for the same thing, which is food sovereignty. We want to be supported and protected“, concluded the coordinator of Via Campesina.

Protests in the heart of the European neighborhood of Brussels They also left episodes of hostilities between the police and some farmers participating in the protests, who attacked the riot police by throwing glass bottles and fireworks.

Police, in response, accused protesters of using hoses and tear gas to prevent them from approaching their position and breaking the security perimeter they have established around the buildings of the main European institutions.

Source: Elcomercio

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