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Police Director says ‘Iván Márquez’, FARC dissident, is in Colombia

Police Director says ‘Iván Márquez’, FARC dissident, is in Colombia

Police Director says ‘Iván Márquez’, FARC dissident, is in Colombia

Luciano Marinaindeed ‘Ivan Márquez‘, head of Second Marquetáliaa dissident of the former guerrilla FARCand who was speculated to have died in an attack on Venezuelait’s at ColombiaThe director of the Police, General William René Salamanca, reported this Tuesday.

I have information that ‘Iván Márquez’ is in Colombia“, said General Salamanca in a press conference at the General Francisco de Paula Santander Police Cadet School, in Bogotá.

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The officer did not provide further details about the situation.Ivan Márquez‘, who between 2012 and 2016 was chief negotiator of the FARC in the dialogues with the Colombian government that took place in To Havana and concluded with the signing of the peace agreement with that guerrilla in November 2016.

Despite the role he played in that negotiation, ‘Iván Márquez’ decided to return to arms in August 2019 when, after disappearing for several weeks, he reappeared in a video in front of a group of armed men to announce the creation of a FARC dissidence, which called Second Marquetáliaclaiming that the Government was not complying with the agreement.

In this group, which takes its name from the place where the FARC was born in 1964, there were also Seuxis Paucias Hernándezindeed ‘Jesus Santrich‘, who also took up arms and died in a confrontation in Venezuela in May 2021, according to unofficial versions.

It was said several times that ‘Iván Márquez’ had been injured or killed, also in Venezuela, but last October authorities said they had confirmation that he was alive and willing to negotiate peace again with the Government, as head of the Second Marquetalia .

At the beginning of February this year, the Government and Segunda Marquetalia announced the beginning of a peace process, a dialogue that has not yet begun and for which the Colombian president Gustavo Pedroappointed chief negotiator Armando Novoaformer member of National Electoral Council (CNE).

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Regarding this peace process, Rádio Caracol said today that the dialogue table is scheduled for mid-April and that logistics and security are being coordinated so that ‘Iván Márquez’ is at the negotiations site.

Segunda Marquetália has already designated its representatives for this dialogue, who will be Giovani Andrés Rojasindeed ‘Spider‘; José Aldinever Sierraalso known as ‘Zarco Aldinever‘, It is José Vicente Lesmesindeed ‘Valter Mendoza‘.

The Colombian Government also holds peace talks with the guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (ELN) and with the Central General Staff (EMC), the main FARC dissident who, unlike Segunda Marquetalia, did not sign the 2016 agreement.

Source: Elcomercio

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