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Jordan and Iraq say a truce in Gaza would end Middle East escalation

The king of Jordan, Abdulla IIand the president of IraqAbdellatif Rashid, stated this Monday that a truce in Gaza strip and a solution to the Palestinian cause would put an end to the current escalation of tension in the Middle East following Iran’s retaliatory attack against Israel.

The Iraqi president met with the Jordanian monarch on an official visit to Lovewhere both leaders warned that “What the region is witnessing could lead to further escalation and threaten security and stability“at all Middle Eastaccording to a statement from Royal Court of Jordan.

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Abdullah II and Rashid “underlined the need to achieve an immediate ceasefire in Link and work towards a fair and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue that guarantees the fulfillment of the legitimate rights of Palestinians and ends the cycle of violence in the region.”added the note.

Likewise, the Jordanian monarch expressed his country’s support for the security and stability of Iraq, which since the beginning of the war Link served as a battleground for pro-Iranian militias and American forcessomething Baghdad has repeatedly and vehemently condemned.

Jordan is at the center of criticism from its population and other Arab countries for helping Israel – along with USA and France– intercept 99% of the missiles and drones launched by Iran on Saturday, the majority of which were stopped outside Israeli airspace.

Israeli authorities highlighted the “unique relationship” between Jordan and Israel, since the Hashemite kingdom allowed planes Israeli combat maneuver over its airspace to intercept the Iranian shells.

Iran has halted its offensive but warned it will counterattack if Israel responds, while a large part of the international community has appealed Israelexplicitly or implicitly, that to contain and opt for dialogue to resolve tensions with Tehran.

Source: Elcomercio

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