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Japan: at least 7 minor injuries and some urban damage after magnitude 6.6 earthquake

Japan: at least 7 minor injuries and some urban damage after magnitude 6.6 earthquake

At least seven people were slightly injured after the earthquake of magnitude 6.6 recorded on Wednesday night in the west Japanwhich also caused some damage due to landslides and left pipes broken.

The injuries, ranging in age from 20 to 90, occurred mainly from falls, including a 60-year-old woman who broke her finger after falling down a staircase in the city of cartooncity ​​hall of Ehimeone of those that registered the greatest intensity, according to the balance collected this Thursday by the public channel NHK.

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In the city of Sukumoin the neighboring town hall of Cochinseveral reports of damage to houses were received, such as fallen tiles, broken windows or cracks, and there was a temporary water cut, which has now been resolved, although 30 queries were received about broken pipes, leaks and cloudy tap water, in addition to a dozen reports of street lights being out or power lines being cut or downed.

In the village of Yusuharain the same province, access to five homes was cut off by road obstacles such as rocks and fallen trees, but authorities confirmed the safety of all its inhabitants and expect the roads to be clear throughout the day, without major setbacks.

Work is currently underway to open several roads closed after being blocked by avalanches, while assessment of other damage continues.

The earthquake did not cause significant damage to the nuclear plant and Ikatain Ehime prefecture, according to the operator, Shikoku Electric Powerno anomalies were detected at the nuclear power plant Sendaiat the city hall of KagoshimaIsland of KyushuClose of Shikokuaccording to the company Kyushu Electric Power.

This latest earthquake occurred at 11:14 pm local time on Wednesday (2:14 pm GMT), with its epicenter 39 kilometers deep in the waters of the bungo channel17.5 kilometers from the city of Uwakimaon the island of Shikoku, the fourth largest in the archipelago, according to Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), which after estimating a preliminary magnitude of 6.4, later raised it to 6.6.

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The quake reached the lowest level of 6 on Japan’s 7-level seismic scale, focused on measuring surface shaking and its destructive potential, in Ehime and Kochi prefectures, the first time since the scale was introduced in 1996 that it was an earthquake of intensity 6 or greater is recorded in these provinces.

Meteorological authorities did not issue a tsunami warning for this earthquake, after which until 6:00 local time this Thursday (21:00 GMT Wednesday) 22 tremors of magnitude 1 or greater were recorded, with extreme caution being requested. Caution due to the risk of house collapses and landslides.

Japan resolves the call Fire ringone of the most active seismic zones in the world, and suffers earthquakes relatively frequently, which is why its infrastructure is specially designed to resist tremors.

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