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Petro insists he does not want to govern beyond his mandate, but no less

Petro insists he does not want to govern beyond his mandate, but no less

Petro insists he does not want to govern beyond his mandate, but no less

The Colombian president, Gustavo Pedroassured this Tuesday that he does not intend to remain in power beyond August 2026, when his term ends, but that he will not leave before the end of his four-year period in government.

I won’t be here after August 2026, but the popular mandate means I won’t be a day less“, stated the head of state in an extensive writing published on his X account.

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One of the arguments of the weekend’s marches was precisely the rejection of Petro’s intention to call a constituent assembly to reform the Magna Carta to make changes that you were unable to approve through Congresswhich has also been interpreted by the opposition as the way to remain in power.

Likewise, the Colombian president reiterated that he has always been willing to dialogue and reach an agreement, adding that the opposition has had guarantees to speak out in Congress and in the streets about the reforms it promotes.

We open our hand to the agreement, we allow their freedom of expression, without gases or destroyed eyes, willing to defend even their leader of international justice, we invite them to work with us for peace, we invite them every day to discuss the projects of law”, he guaranteed.

O Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP) reported on Monday that in protests against the Petro Government, at least 13 journalists were attacked.

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The events occurred in Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Barranquilla It is Medellin and those affected are reporters from the state channel RTVC; the Bogotá newspaper The time and digital media Juan Maza BQ, Brotherhood for Change, Behind this viewer It is Tamal’s newsas detailed by TO TURN is a statement.

On the other hand, Petro accused the opposition press of seeking information for a coup: “For years, your press has been looking for an excuse for the coup: electoral limits. As if they weren’t the ones who used Odebrecht, Keralty, ‘Ñeñe’ Hernández, paramilitarism to get elected”.

Source: Elcomercio

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