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Colombian workers show support for Petro in May Day demonstrations

Colombian workers show support for Petro in May Day demonstrations

Colombian workers show support for Petro in May Day demonstrations

Thousands of workers took to the streets of the main Colombian cities this Wednesday to celebrate the Labor Daya mobilization that was attended by the president in the final stretch Gustavo Pedrowho intends to make the day a demonstration of support for his Government’s reforms.

The demonstrations, called by the main unions of the country, they started mid-morning in Bogotá, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena and other cities in the country.

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The president, who asked unions to allow him to walk with workers today, joined the walk in Bogotá when I was moving along the Carrera Séptima with Calle 19in the city center.

a smile Petrodressed in a green sweater and the cap he has been wearing the last few days, He arrived at the demonstration surrounded by an army of bodyguards who were striving to make way for him in the middle of the team who wouldn’t stop singing his last name.

“We love you, Petro”, “We are with you” and “Petro, friend, the people are with you”were the screams that were heard among the crowd where many were trying to shake hands with the president, who will give a closing speech in Plaza de Bolívar.

During marches, to the rhythm of drums and whistles, workers carry national flags. Colombiasome Palestinewhose cause Petro ardently defends, and the extinct M-19 Guerrillawhich the current president was part of in his youth.

“We, workers, fight to improve living and working conditions and, in this case, the Government of Colombia “received from workers proposals for labor and pension reform that are in Congress, which Congress is obstructing, and that is why we are marching today”, told reporters in Bogotá the president of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), Percy Oyola.

The union leader added that workers are also May Day on the streets to “make it possible to social reforms in labor and social security issues, and that health is a right and not a commodity”.

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Advocacy for reforms and changes

Support for reforms is precisely one of the arguments used by Petro mobilize workers in support of their government, as their reform projects are stalled in Congress.

Petro also wants to demonstrate strength and popular support among workers after tens of thousands of Colombians took to the streets of Bogotá and other capitals of the country on April 21 to express their disgust with the way the president is leading the country. , especially Government interventions in health management public.

In view of that slogan that was heard last April 21st, from the Uribismo mobilization of ‘Fuera Petro’, we reject any action that aims to break the institutional collapse of the country and we demand that President Petro’s constitutional period be respected”, In turn, the president of the Central Unitária dos Trabalhadores (CUT) stated: Fábio Arias.

The Comunes party, created after the demobilization of the former FARC guerrilla, also joined this Wednesday’s demonstrations.

“There is no need to fear, we must change.” “President Petro, we are with you” or “The people are with you”, These are some of the most repeated messages on the banners carried by protesters with the president’s image.

Source: Elcomercio

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