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Israel calls Petro an anti-Semite and blames him for rewarding Hamas for diplomatic rupture

Israel calls Petro an anti-Semite and blames him for rewarding Hamas for diplomatic rupture

Israel calls Petro an anti-Semite and blames him for rewarding Hamas for diplomatic rupture

Israel’s Foreign Minister, Israel Katzthis Wednesday described the president as Colombia, Gustavo Pedroin “hateful anti-Semite” following his announcement that the Latin American country will sever ties with Israel by him “genocide” against the Palestinian people.

The president of Colombia promised to reward the murderers and rapists of Hamas, and today he kept his promise. History will remember this Gustavo Pedro decided to side with the most despicable monsters known to humanity who burned babies, murdered children, raped women, and kidnapped innocent civilians.“Katz said today on social network X, also in a message in Spanish.

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But the minister also recalled that relations between the two countries have always been “warm up” and that a “a hate-filled anti-Semitic president will not be able to change this”.

His message arrives moments after Petro announced during his speech International Workers Dayas it had already threatened on October 15, that Colombia would break diplomatic relations with Israel tomorrow because it has a government and “a genocidal president“, as he said at an event in Bogotá.

Today, all of humanity on the streets, by the millions, agrees with us and we with them.“, indicated Petro, who stated that”It cannot be, it cannot return, the times of genocide, of the extermination of an entire people before our eyes, before our passivity, cannot come.”.

On March 26, Petro once again reiterated his desire to break ties if a truce was not reached.immediately during the month of Ramadan” at the Gaza stripas had been required by the United Nations Security Council.

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If you die Palestine Humanity dies and we will not let it die, just as we will not let humanity die.“Petro cried on the stage of May Daywhere I also wanted to remember the children and babies of Gaza “who died dismembered by bombs”.

In almost seven months of war in Link More than 34,500 Palestinians have died, including more than 14,000 children, according to data from the Gaza Ministry of Health, which depends on the Palestinian Islamic group Hamas.

The conflict devastated the Gaza stripit condemned more than a million people to starvation – with at least thirty children dying from starvation and dehydration – and displaced the majority of the population.

Source: Elcomercio

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