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Javier Milei rules out talking to Nicolás Maduro because he considers him a “dictator”

Javier Milei rules out talking to Nicolás Maduro because he considers him a “dictator”

Javier Milei rules out talking to Nicolás Maduro because he considers him a “dictator”

The president of Argentina, Javier Mileisaid he has nothing to talk about with the president of the Venezuela, Nicolás Madurobecause he considers it a “dictator“What are you trying to do”your”The July 28 presidential elections.

I have nothing to talk about with Nicolás Maduro because for me he is a dictator“Milei responded in an interview broadcast this Sunday on the American channel Univisión.

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Asked whether he will recognize the results of the Venezuelan elections, the Argentine president replied: “It seems to me that there will have to be a battle to control the elections because the regime is trying to make it its own”.

Venezuela Elections will be held in July, in which Maduro will seek reelection for the second time against an opposition that has had competition problems, such as disqualification that prevents him from running for public office. Maria Corina Machadoelected in the primaries as a presidential candidate, and the obstacles that, according to the opposition alliance Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD), suffered to apply Corina Yoriswho had been the first option to replace the anti-Chavista leader.

On the other hand, after calling him a month ago “terrorist killer”, Milei definitively ended the conflict with the Colombian president, Gustavo Pedroas he said that both Governments understood that they were “ties between Argentines and Colombians are much stronger”.

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This and other insults during the last months of the Argentine president against his Colombian counterpart caused a bilateral diplomatic crisis that led Petro to call for consultations in Bogotá to his ambassador in good air, Camilo Romeroand threaten with the expulsion of diplomats from Argentine Embassy in Colombia.

A diplomatic confrontation that was resolved on April 19, when the Minister of Foreign Affairs responsible for Colombia, Luis Gilberto Murilloreceived in Bogotá to his Argentine counterpart, Diana Mondino.

Source: Elcomercio

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