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Kim Jong-un inspects new tactical missile system

Kim Jong-un inspects new tactical missile system

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Uninspected a new tactical missile system and asked for a “transcendental change”in war preparations and weapons production, according to state media this Wednesday.

The North Korean state news agency KCNA made the announcement and said the tactical missile system will be equipped soon, although it did not provide further details about the new system or where the inspection, which took place on Tuesday, took place.

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According to KCNA, North Korean weapons factories will carry out plans to assemble these tactical missiles at the end of this year, after having met the objectives of the first quarter, the agency detailed.

Kim also reportedly called for the finalization of weapons production plans for this year.

The inspection came after the North Korean leader visited several weapons factories this weekend and highlighted his “global technical capabilities” as signals continue to increase Pyongyang is supplying large quantities of weapons to Moscow to use in Ukraine.

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Kim Jong Un visited a factory that makes sniper rifles, one of which he himself used for target practice, and also a factory that apparently produces the motorized launchers for North Korea’s new multiple-launch rocket system with 240-millimeter projectiles. according to an article and several dozen photographs published by KCNA.

Last week, Kim visited major ammunition factories that produce sniper rifles and rocket-launching vehicles and called for efforts to improve military artillery capabilities.

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