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Japan activates warning systems in Okinawa due to possible North Korean satellite launch

Japan activates warning systems in Okinawa due to possible North Korean satellite launch

He Government Japanese today momentarily activated its alert system at the city hall of Okinawa (southwest of the country) before the apparent launch of a space rocket North Korean with a satellite on board that the army also detected South Korean.

Hours before, Pyongyang has notified the Japanese coast guard of a launch window between today, Monday and June 3, to place a new spy satellite into orbit.

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The system J Alert was activated in Okinawa at 10:46 pm local time (1:46 pm GMT), asking people to take shelter “inside buildings or in underground locations“, Meanwhile he Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) South Korea reported in a brief statement on the detection, at 22:56 (13:56 GMT), of a launch.

The text was limited to reporting the detection of “The projectile of unknown type released by North Korea heading south towards the sea West (name received in both Koreas he yellow sea)”.

He Japanese government raised the alert minutes after activating it, specifically at 11:03 pm local time (2:03 pm GMT), which could indicate that the space rocket may have failed before reaching low Earth orbit, a possibility that sources in the Japanese administration they pointed out in statements to the NHK network.

In your notification to the Coast Guard, Pyongyang It delimited two areas in the Yellow Sea and another east of the Philippine island of Luzon so that navigation in these areas would be limited due to the possible crash of the different stages of the rocket.

The three areas coincide with those already indicated at the time by the North Korean regime for the three space launches (two of which failed) that it carried out in 2023.

North Korea He assured at the beginning of the year that he would launch three more spy satellites.”malligyong” in 2024, after successfully launching the first of them into orbit last November.

It is believed that assistance from Russiawhich was greatly strengthened after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Russian president, Vladimir Putinwill hold a summit in September 2023.

Source: Elcomercio