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June 5th birthdays: What happened in the world on a day like today?

June 5th birthdays: What happened in the world on a day like today?

June 5th birthdays: What happened in the world on a day like today?

On a June 5thbut in 2023, the Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, announces a package of measures against climate change and deforestation.


1625.- Surrender of Bredaan act immortalized by Diego Velázquez In the box “The spears”.

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1806.- Napoleon I appoint king of Netherlands to your brother Louis Bonaparte.

1856.- The president Ignacio Comonfort declares established in Mexico the religious order of Jesuits Founded by Ignatius of Loyola.

1870.- Fire in Istanbulin which 1,200 people were burned and 60,000 were left homeless.

1885.- O Chilean Academy of Languagesin Santiagoby 18 corresponding academics from Spanish SAR.

1895.- The German engineer Karl von Linde presents its first machine for liquefy the airbasis of the modern refrigeration industry.

.- Explode Ecuador The liberal revolt who gives the presidency to the general Eloy Alfaro.

1916.- O French chamber agrees to advance the clocks one hour, as a measure of energy saving.

1963.- He Ayatollah Khomeini He is arrested by Iranian authorities and major riots occur in Tehran against the regime of Shar.

.- John ProfumoBritish Minister of Defense, resigns from his post due to the scandal surrounding his relations with “call girlCristina Keeler.

1967.- Start the Six Day War in between Israel and a coalition made up of Egypt, Syria It is Jordanthat would end in Israeli victory.

1972.- The inauguration of the United Nations Conference on the Environment in Stockholm.

1981.- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention USA recognize for the first time the existence of AIDS at a press conference in The angelsalthough it received its official name in 1983.

1983.- 170 people die in shipwrecks in Volga River the boat they were traveling in after colliding with a Railway bridge.

1993.- The senator Ramón José Velásquez is elected president of Venezuela with 80% of the votes Congress.

2000.- The general Augusto Pinochet loses his lifetime immunity as a senator and is exposed to trial in Pepper per violation of human rights when he was head of state.

2001.- The Mexican historian Miguel Leon Portilla He wins XV Menéndez Pelayo International Award.

2005.- Rafael Nadal He wins Roland GarrosYour first grand slamby beating the Argentine Mariano Porta.

2007.- The terrorist gang HEC announces the end of the permanent ceasefire from 00:00 on June 6th.

2009.- 38 people die in an attack on a mosque near the Swat Valley (northwest of Pakistan), the main scenario of the military operation against the Taliban.

.- 44 children under 4 years old die in fire of a kindergarten in the Mexican city of Hermosillo.

.- 33 people die in Bagua massacreincluding 23 police officers, when they forcibly expelled 5,000 indigenous people who were blocking a highway in Peruvian Amazon in protest against legislative decrees to facilitate extractive operations for companies oil companies It is mining. According to indigenous sources, between 30 and 40 indigenous people died.

2011.- Ollanta Humala win the presidential elections in Peru.

2014.- He European central bank reduces rates to an all-time low of 0.15%.

2015.- He Strasbourg Court authorizes letting a French quadriplegic die.

.- Mexican teachers nine political party headquarters were set on fire in Chiapas as a pressure measure for the Government to meet their demands.

2016.- Pedro Pablo Kucyznski wins the presidential elections in Peru against Keiko Fujimori.

2017.- Fired worker kills five former colleagues from the company where he worked Orlando, USAand then ends his own life.

2019.- The terrorist group Islamic state kills eight Egyptian police officers in Sinai At the end of Ramadan.

.- He Colombian Congress opens investigation into the former president Juan Manuel Santos for the case of corruption in Odebrecht.

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2020.- The City Council of washington changes the name of a street in front of the The White House for “Black lives matter”(“black lives matter“).

2021.- He G7group of the world’s largest economies, reaches an agreement “historic” so that the large multinationals where they make their profits pay taxes of at least 15%.

.- The candidate who opposes the Presidency of Nicaragua Arthur Cruz He is arrested upon returning from a tour U.S.

.- 132 people die in the biggest massacre in the history of Burkina Faso allegedly perpetrated by jihadists.

2022.- Fifty people die and another 200 are injured container depot explosion in the port city of Bangladesh Chittagong.

.- Dozens of people die in one attack on a church in the southwest of Nigeria.

.- 25 pilgrims die when their bus falls into a gorge in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

.- Rafael Nadal achieves its fourteenth victory in Roland Garros.

2023.- Former Vice President of the United States Mike Pence presents its candidacy for the 2024 elections.


1723.- Adam SmithScottish economist.

1878.- Pancho VillaMexican revolutionary.

1883.- John Maynard KeynesBritish economist.

1898.- Frederico García LorcaSpanish poet.

1917.- Mauricio DuvergerFrench jurist and political analyst.

1926.- Luis Valls Tabernerbanker.

1928.- Tony RichardsonBritish film director.

1942.- Teodoro Obiang Nguemapresident of Equatorial Guinea.

1949.- Ken FollettBritish writer.

1951.- Luis PasqualSpanish theater director.

1957.- José María Gil TamayoSpanish ecclesiastic.

1962.- Astrid of Saxe-CoburgBelgian princess daughter of King Albert.

1971.- Mark WahlbergAmerican actor and singer.

1979.- David BisbalSpanish singer.

nineteen ninety.- Ona CarbonellSpanish swimmer.


1826.- Carlos Maria von WeberGerman composer and pianist.

1854.- Jenaro Pérez VillaamilSpanish painter.

1900.- Stephen CraneAmerican writer.

1918.- Eduardo SivoriArgentine painter.

1953.- Bill Tildennumber 1 American tennis player in the world for 7 years.

1975.- Paulo KeresSoviet chess player.

.- Gabriel ArestiSpanish poet and writer, promoter of the Basque language.

1993.- Conway Twitter (Harold Lloyd Jenkins), American country musician.

2001.- Pedro Laín EntralgoSpanish writer, philosopher, historian and doctor.

2002.- Carmelo BernaolaSpanish composer.

.- Carlos G. BerlangaSpanish musician from the “movida madrileña”.

2004.- Ronald ReaganPresident of the United States from 1981 to 1989.

2008.- Eugene MontejoVenezuelan writer.

2009.- Rodolfo Almironformer head of Argentina’s far-right group Triple A.

2012.- Ray BradburyAmerican writer.

2015.- Tarek AzizIraqi politician.

2017.- Gladys ZurbanoCuban actress and announcer.

.- Betty KauffmanArgentine journalist.

.- Amels Escalante ColasCuban general.

.- Marcos CollColombian football player.

2018.- Kate SpadeAmerican fashion designer.

2019.- Elio SgrecciaItalian cardinal.

2020.- Victoria Rosa MadeiraVicky Madeira”, a pioneer of American motorsports.

2021.- Cristina YusteSpanish journalist.

.- Ricardo RobinsonAmerican publisher.

.- Óscar Sánchez ZafraSpanish actor.

.- Atal Bihari PandaIndian actor, playwright and composer.

.- Ruperto Valderrama MirandaChilean rodeo rider.

.- Temitope Balogun JoshuaNigerian televangelist, evangelist and writer.

.- Leandro GuzmanDominican activist founder of the June 14th Movement.

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2022.- Pink winkSpanish dubbing actress.

.- Bruna Pereira, Brazilian specialist in indigenous peoples. (date of disappearance)

.- Dom Phillips, British journalist and writer. (date of disappearance)

2023.- Astrud GilbertoBrazilian painter and singer.

Source: Elcomercio

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