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Zelensky celebrates the “success” of convening the peace summit for Ukraine

Zelensky celebrates the “success” of convening the peace summit for Ukraine

Zelensky celebrates the “success” of convening the peace summit for Ukraine

The Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenskycelebrated this Saturday the convening of the peace summit for his country taking place in this Swiss city, promoted by Kyiv and which he described as “success”.

Our unity here proves that the very idea of international law is still alive and effective, its presence here shows that the One flight and conventions are not a formalitybut the true foundations of coexistence between peoples“, he said Zelensky at the beginning of the meeting before representatives of the 101 countries and international organizations present at the event.

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Zelensky explained that the aim of the summit is to start working on an action plan for peace that respects the territorial integrity of Ukraine and which will later be presented to Russia to try to get it to agree to end the war in these conditions.

(Russian President Vladimir) put on must move beyond the language of ultimatums to language of the global majority who want a just peace“said the Ukrainian president in reference to the message sent by put on on the eve of the summit, in which he stated that he would declare a ceasefire if Ukraine withdrew from the territories annexed by Moscowwho declared them part Russia.

Zelensky He explained again that participants will focus on agreeing on a statement on three of the ten points in the call for action.”Formula of Peace”Ukrainian: nuclear safety, food security and the return of prisoners of war from and Ukrainian civilians detained or deported by Russia, including children.

No one has the right to launch a war of aggression against a neighbor or to undermine one of the basic principles of United Nations Charterthe territorial integrity of countries“, he said Zelensky.

No one has the right to threaten the world with nuclear weapons”nor “kidnap the children of another nation“, he said Zelensky on two of the issues that will be discussed at this summit.

The head of Ukrainian state He showed himself “proud”that all the continents of the world are represented at the peace summit of the Swissand thanked all participants for accepting the invitation to Kyiv.

Source: Elcomercio

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