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Eight Israeli soldiers die during an operation in Rafah, south of Gaza

Eight Israeli soldiers die during an operation in Rafah, south of Gaza

Eight Israeli soldiers die during an operation in Rafah, south of Gaza

Eight Israeli soldiers, including a captain, died this Saturday in a large explosion during an operation in Rafain the extreme south of Linkas confirmed to EFE by the Army, on what is the day with the highest number of victims among the ranks of Israel since January.

The captain is Wassem Mahmoud23 years old and Beit Jann (in northern Israel) and was deputy commander of the 601st Engineer Battalion of the Israeli Army.

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Seven other soldiers also fell in this incident. Their families have been notifiedadded a military statement.

It’s the deadliest day for Israeli army since January 22nd, when 21 soldiers died when two buildings collapsed on them, in the deadliest incident since Israel launched the ground operation in the enclave.

To the al Qasam brigadesthe armed arm Hamasthis morning they took responsibility for the attack as “an ambush against enemy vehicles” who were in the area of Tal al Sultanin the west of Rafa.

According to the Islamic organization, they attacked an armored combat engineering vehicle’Nominator‘using a projectile Al Yassin 105who set fire and killed the eight soldiers.

Army Spokesperson Daniel Hagarideclared on Saturday night in an appearance that the incident “probably” was caused by an explosive device placed near the armored vehicle or by an anti-tank missile fired at it.

However, the Armed Forces emphasize that the explosion of a bomb hit the vehiclewhich was loaded with explosive material, causing it to also explode and triggering a large detonation that killed the eight soldiers.

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Throughout today the Army launched numerous air strikes against different points in the east, center and west of the city, on the border with Egypt.

Rafa became one of the cores of the Israeli offensive in Range and the source of most of its victims since the armed forces entered the city on May 6.

This Monday, another four soldiers – two of them aged 19 and in training – died due to an explosion inside a building Rafa which was apparently riddled with explosives and in which the The soldiers found the mouth of a tunnel.

Since Israel launched its ground operation against Link307 soldiers died and at least others 1,500 were injured, according to the Army itself. In total, there are more than 620 deaths if the attack Hamas on October 7th.

On the other hand, since October 7th 37,296 people lost their lives in Gaza, while 85,197 were injured, 70% of them women and children, according to the enclave’s Ministry of Health, governed by Hamas.

Source: Elcomercio

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