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Saudi Arabia: At least 14 Jordanians die of heatstroke during pilgrimage to Mecca

Saudi Arabia: At least 14 Jordanians die of heatstroke during pilgrimage to Mecca

Saudi Arabia: At least 14 Jordanians die of heatstroke during pilgrimage to Mecca

At least 14 Jordanian citizens died during the pilgrimage to Mecca due to heatstroke during the heat wave, with temperatures ranging between 45 and 48 degrees, while 17 others are missing, the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates reported this Sunday.

In a statement, the Director of Operations and Consular Affairs, Ambassador Sufyan al Qudah, said that the ministry is monitoring with the competent Saudi authorities the procedures for the burial of the pilgrims and the transfer of the bodies of those whose family members wish to be transferred to Jordan. as soon as possible.

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Likewise, he stated that the search for the 17 missing pilgrims remains active and specified that they, like the deceased, were not part of the Jordanian citizens registered in the official Jordanian delegation that participated in this year’s edition. ‘hach’.

One of the challenges faced by ‘hach’ this year it is hot, because, as the authorities warned, temperatures fluctuate between 45 and 48 degrees Celsiuswith high levels of humidity.

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Furthermore, the participation of almost two million pilgrims from all over the world means large crowds that, in previous years, have caused riots in which hundreds of faithful lost their lives, as happened in 2006, when 365 people died.

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To avoid these tragedies, Saudi Arabia this year promoted the use of advanced technology to offer a qualitative change in the organization and management of the important religious event, such as the application of intelligent robots to guide pilgrims and the installation of facial recognition cameras to improve security or locate missing people.

The nearly two million pilgrims began the rituals of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca last Friday in the Mina region, a valley of about 17 square kilometers surrounded by mountains where Saudi authorities have installed thousands of fireproof tents equipped for accommodation.

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This Sunday they celebrated the ritual of stoning the devil, a symbolic act in which they throw stones at three columns that represent the devil and which Muslims consider as a stoning of Satan, who intercepted the prophet Abraham in this same place, where he threw him. stones several times over the course of a few days.

He ‘hach’one of the five pillars of Islam, it is mandatory at least once in a lifetime for all Muslims whose health and resources allow it.

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