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Italy: around 50 migrants missing after shipwreck off the coast of Calabria

Italy: around 50 migrants missing after shipwreck off the coast of Calabria

Italy: around 50 migrants missing after shipwreck off the coast of Calabria

Around fifty migrants are missing due to the sinking of the sailboat they were traveling on when they were around 190 kilometers off the coast of Calabriain the south of ItalyItalian media reported this Monday.

O Coast Guard Italian search for missing people since last night, following the alarm signal raised by a French pleasure boat which was sailing around 190 kilometers off the Italian coast, it said in a statement.

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After receiving the alert, the Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (IMRCC) of the Rome Coast Guard immediately diverted two merchant ships sailing nearby to the location, an ATR42 aircraft from Coast Guard and the patrol cars CP305 It is CP326 parked in Calabria.

The 12 survivors were transferred from the French ship to a merchant ship and then transferred aboard the French patrol boat. Coast Guard which was heading to the port of Roccella Jonica.

The body of a woman who died after disembarkation operations was also taken to the port, the ministry added. Coast Guard in your note.

Also part of the group is a pregnant woman who, due to her serious condition, She was transported by helicopter.

According to the first reconstructions, migrants, mainly from Afghan nationality and Iraqithey left from Türkiye.

In the port there are devices for Red Cross, Civil Protection, Doctors Without Borders and law enforcement authorities to provide first aid to the migrants, who were transported by ambulance to nearby hospitals.

The shipwreck occurred on the same coast where a year ago in Steccato by Cutro Almost a hundred migrants lost their lives.

The sailboat NGO Request This morning, he also located a wooden barge with the bodies of 10 migrants and brought the other 51 people on board to safety, in a new tragedy in the central Mediterranean.

In total, 61 people were in a wooden boat filled with water. Our crew managed to evacuate 51 peopletwo of whom were unconscious” he added.

The NGO highlighted that they had to free migrants with an axas they were trapped at the bottom of the ship, along with the 10 bodies.

A week ago, the Central Mediterranean was the scene of another tragedy when at least 17 bodies appeared floating in the sea and 12 of them were recovered by the vessels of the NGO Geo Barents and Ocean Viking.

The NGOs then denounced the “Devastating and reckless European policies in migration issue and of non-assistance to people who undertake the Mediterranean route.”

So far this year, by June 14th, they have reached the Italian coast 23,235 migrantscompared to 55,662 in the same period of the previous year, according to data from the Interior Ministery.

Source: Elcomercio

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