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White House criticizes “fake” videos of Joe Biden allegedly disoriented

White House criticizes “fake” videos of Joe Biden allegedly disoriented

White House criticizes “fake” videos of Joe Biden allegedly disoriented

The White House criticized this Monday the republicans for releasing videos that allegedly showed the physical and mental deterioration of the American president, Joe Bidenand said the images were cropped and manipulated in a deceptive manner.

This tells us everything we need to know about the Republicans’ desperation“The White House press secretary told reporters. Karine Jean-Pierrewho described the videos as “false”.

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Media outlets including the New York Post and an official Republican social media account have shared several short videos in recent days in which the 81-year-old president appears allegedly erratic.

In one, Biden is seen apparently disoriented as he walks away from other world leaders in the middle of a skydiving exhibition during the G7 Summit in Italy last week.

Jean-Pierre said the images were misleadingly edited and argued that Biden broke away from the group to greet the paratroopers.

This was widely verified (…) even by the conservative media“, he said at a press conference. “If you play the clip some more you will see (…) what was happening”.

The NBC network also denied this claim and published images from its own cameras from another angle in which Biden was seen interacting with the paratroopers a few meters away.

In another clip, Biden is seen standing still while other world leaders accompanying him danced during an event. The White Housean attitude that opponents described as a state of confusion.

The president listened to the music and did not dance. Sorry, but I didn’t know that not dancing was (…) a health problem,” Jean-Pierre said of the video.

Over the weekend, the New York Post also published a clip showing Biden allegedly missing from the stage during a fundraiser in Californiaand is then led out by the former president Barack Obama.

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Andrew Bates, another White House spokesman, said on X that Biden stayed for a moment to enjoy the applause of his supporters. AND Eric SchultzObama advisor, posted a link in response to the Post article with the caption “This did not happened”.

Former Republican President donald trumpBiden’s rival in the November elections, made Biden’s age one of his campaign battlehorses, despite the fact that, at 78, he is only three and a half years younger than the Democratic candidate.

Whoever wins the presidency will set a new age record for a president.

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