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An electoral judge in Ecuador opens a case against vice president Verónica Abad

An electoral judge in Ecuador opens a case against vice president Verónica Abad

An electoral judge in Ecuador opens a case against vice president Verónica Abad

The judge Fernando Munozof the Electoral Litigation Court of Ecuadorfiled a lawsuit against the vice president this Monday Abbot Veronicafor an alleged irregularity in the municipal elections in February last year, when she ran as a candidate for mayor of the city of Bowl and lost.

The judge also, at the request of a lawyer who participated in the process, Ronald Morochodecided to transfer a case to the State Attorney General’s Office due to the controversy that caused the lawyer to deny having signed a document in which he was allowed to clarify and complete the complaint against Abad.

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This complaint was initially filed by a member of the Citizen Participation and Social Control Council (Cpccs), Esteban Guarderaswho accused Abad of having campaigned outside the period established for proselytism when she was a candidate for mayor of Bowlversion that the vice president described as ridiculous.

The electoral regulations establish that all election procedures Litigation Court requires the legal sponsorship of a lawyer, which is why Guarderas presented a document in which he deposited this prerogative with lawyer Morocho, who finally denied having signed the document.

For this and other reasons, the judge Fernando Munoz He decided “archive this case” and inform the Public Prosecutor’s Office so that “an investigation is initiated into the origin and veracity of the content of the clarification letter” presented by Guarderas, who also asked for his version to be corroborated.

The Ecuadorian vice president, who accompanies the president Daniel Noboaquestioned Guarderas’ complaint, whom he accused of having frequently visited the Presidency of the Republic.

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Abbot Veronica reiterated that there is harassment against her by Noboa and her government to allegedly force her to resign and thus avoid having to delegate presidential duties to her when the president seeks re-election in the 2025 general elections.

The Ecuadorian vice-president was sent last December by Noboa as ambassador to Israel, in a decision that revealed the distance between the two.

Source: Elcomercio

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