WorldMexico will give protection to an Afghan family that...

Mexico will give protection to an Afghan family that it initially rejected


Mexico It will give humanitarian protection to an Afghan family that it initially denied access to the country, alleging inconsistencies in the reasons for their trip, the Mexican Foreign Ministry reported on Friday.

Prior to this announcement, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) organization had criticized that this couple, the woman with seven months of pregnancy, was denied entry to Mexico despite the fact that this country has given refuge to Afghans who have escaped from Afghanistan after the Taliban regained control.

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The government of Mexico “It flaunts its ‘asylum culture’ by hosting hundreds of Afghans who fled the Taliban. How do you explain then that yesterday (Thursday) I deported an Afghan family back to Afghanistan ”, José Miguel Vivanco, director of HRW’s Americas Division, wrote on Twitter this Friday.

For its part, the Mexican Foreign Ministry said in a press release that the couple never requested humanitarian protection and that the man and woman arrived in Mexico with tourist visas that they processed before the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan.

“They said they came on a honeymoon, they never requested humanitarian protection and fell into contradictions” upon arriving at the Mexico City airport, the note detailed.

He added that the couple sought to avoid “the immigration procedure corresponding to the refugee request.”

The National Migration Institute indicated in a statement that the couple arrived in Mexico on Wednesday and on Thursday they were returned to Istanbul, where they had started their trip and where they had already submitted the corresponding procedure “to obtain asylum status.”

According to the Foreign Ministry, there is an agreement with Migration to “give them humanitarian protection” and it is in communication with Turkish Airlines to allow them to board a flight that will take them back to Mexico.

In August, the Mexican government announced that it was processing refugee claims from Afghans, especially women and girls, after the Taliban reached Kabul.

The Foreign Ministry recalled that Mexico has given 1,600 Afghans humanitarian protection to date. Some 400 communicators and their families and five adolescent women from an internationally recognized robotics team arrived in August.

Mexico, which has a long tradition of granting refuge by housing Spanish Republicans and persecuted South American politicians, is also facing a migration crisis unleashed by the massive arrival of undocumented migrants, especially Central Americans and Haitians, who seek to cross into the United States.

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