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The Islamic State persecutes sport: tactics against Real Madrid, the European Championship and the Olympic Games

The Islamic State persecutes sport: tactics against Real Madrid, the European Championship and the Olympic Games

The Islamic State persecutes sport: tactics against Real Madrid, the European Championship and the Olympic Games

A police operation disabled an organization dedicated to propaganda of the Islamic state (IS) who promoted a strategy to commit terrorist acts against football players from real Madridthe fans and the Santiago Bernabéu stadium itself.

The intervention ended two years of monitoring by the self-proclaimed I’lam Foundation, which was dedicated to IS propaganda. The Civil Guard Information Service participated in this action, together with Europol and the United States FBI.

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Spanish media indicate that nine people were detained in Sal (Girona), Algeciras (Cádiz), Anta (Almería) and Tenerife. Two of them are already serving provisional arrest.

According to the newspaper El Confidencial, the so-called I’lam Foundation had radio stations, news agencies, video producers and social media profiles. These spread radical content in different languages. Therefore, police officers from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Estonia, Romania and Iceland participated in this operation.

The propaganda encouraged its followers to commit terrorist acts. “My dear brother. Wait in a location close to the players’ arrival point. Target them together with their followers”, said some images released.

The Islamic State propaganda group encouraged “lone wolves” to commit terrorist acts against Real Madrid and at sporting events. (Image:

But it wasn’t just about Real Madrid. The propaganda encourages attacks against the European Football Championship, which is currently being held in Germany, and also against the Olympic Games, which will take place from July 26th in Paris. That is why, both on German and French soil, security has been reinforced to the maximum to prevent attacks during sporting events.

The images released show a person with a shotgun and refer to the cities of Berlin, Munich and Dortmund, where several European Championship games are taking place, according to newspaper reports. There was also footage of the Eiffel Tower with a man operating drones.

Real Madrid and the “lone wolf”

Why Real Madrid? For international analyst Francisco Belaúnde, it is noteworthy that this time the objective was a football club, although “it is true that for them [el Estado Islámico]”In their very extremist theory, they even ban football.” In communication with The tradeindicates that “as an Islamic extremist group, it prohibits everything that is fun and football is one of them”.

Furthermore, he recalled that there is a precedent that occurred in Iraq, against a group of Real Madrid fans. This attack took place in 2016. According to a report by newspaper As, the terrorist attack took place against a Real Madrid club at its headquarters in Balad, north of Baghdad.

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Islamic State terrorists entered a cafe where there were around 50 Real Madrid fans. They were shot with AK-47 assault rifles. Ultimately, 16 people died and 20 were injured. “They don’t like football, they consider it anti-Muslim. In the end, they commit atrocities like this,” said one of the group’s representatives.

But that wasn’t the only attack on football. That same year, a suicide attack left at least 30 dead and 95 injured at a football stadium south of Baghdad, Ahmed al Jafayi. The terrorist detonated the explosive belt he had attached to his body, reported the EFE agency.

In the current police investigation, another issue that attracted attention was material that included guides for turning Muslims into “lone wolves”.

“Lone wolf is a tactic they have used for a long time. It is often not so easy to create groups that comment on terrorist attacks, which are also easier to detect. On the other hand, a lone wolf is a person who is first inspired by the philosophy of the Islamic State and, through the networks, they say that every Muslim has a duty to murder Westerners, murder infidels, and with everything they have at hand. ”, he highlights. Belaunde.

This way, they receive instructions on how to handle bombs or any other type of weapon, even vehicles. However, they are not part of the group. Only after the terrorist act has been committed does the Islamic State assume responsibility for it.

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The Islamic State is still present

Is the Islamic State still a real threat? Yes.

The last terrorist action that alerted the world took place at the end of March in Russia, at the Crocus City Hall concert hall, on the outskirts of Moscow. The attack left 134 dead and dozens injured. The terrorists used assault rifles and threw Molotov cocktails, causing a fire in the area.

This image shows how the facilities attacked by Islamic State terrorists in Russia ended, where more than 100 people died.  (Photo: AFP)

This image shows how the facilities attacked by Islamic State terrorists in Russia ended, where more than 100 people died. (Photo: AFP)

In this case, Belaunde emphasizes, it was not a “lone wolf”, but rather a command of the Islamic State itself. But it is not the only attack. The Islamic State, amid the attention on the war between Russia and Ukraine and Israel’s war against Hamas, continues to expand its influence.

“It is very present in Afghanistan, where they commit attacks, of course in Iraq, then in Syria, they are also in Yemen, they are in Africa: there are several groups in Congo, in Uganda there is a group that claims to be part of the State terrorist network Islamic, guerrilla-type (ADF), in Niger, in Burkina Faso”, recaps the international analyst.

Its actions continue and take place in different parts of the world. Last week, the AFP news agency reported that sixteen Syrian army soldiers died in an attack by the Islamic State (IS) group due to the explosion of mines laid by the terrorist group. In Russia, two guards were also kidnapped from a prison in the Rostov region, and the terrorists were later rescued and executed. In March this year, spokesman Abu Huzaifa al Ansari called on the jihadist group’s soldiers to carry out individual attacks against Jews and Christians in Europe and the United States. And their threats and attacks continue to be counted.

Source: Elcomercio

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