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UN accuses Israel of possible crimes against humanity after analyzing its attacks

UN accuses Israel of possible crimes against humanity after analyzing its attacks

UN accuses Israel of possible crimes against humanity after analyzing its attacks

The Office of the UN of Human Rights stated that the attacks on Israel in Link could constitute crimes against humanity, involving “systematic attacks against the civilian population”, according to a report published this Wednesday that analyzes six of these attacks in the conflict.

The study focuses on the details of half a dozen bombings carried out between October 9 and December 2, 2023 against residential buildings, refugee camps, a school and a market, in which at least 218 deaths.

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The attacks, in which bombs were used GBU-31, GBU-32 and GBU-39, caused a high number of civilian casualties and enormous destruction of non-military objects, “raising serious doubts about the application of the laws of war in terms of respect for the principles of distinction, proportionality and precaution.”

According to the head of the UNthe high commissioner Turkish volkerthe norm of minimizing harm to civilians in war actions “appears to have been consistently violated in the bombing campaign of Israel”.

His office recalls, when publishing the report, that the bombing campaign ended accompanied by statements by those responsible for Israeli forces who recognized that their main objective was to cause maximum damage.

It is also highlighted that officials from the Israeli defense forces went on to describe how “beasts human”to all Gaza residents.

The report indicates that the bombs used in the attacks studied They have the ability to penetrate several floors of a concrete building and make it collapse.

“Given the dense population of the areas targeted by these explosives“Their use, with such widespread effects over large areas, is likely an indiscriminate attack.”prohibited by international laws, argues the study.

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It is also reported that in five of the attacks no prior warning was issued, which increases the conviction that the precautionary principle was not respected.

In three of the attacks, the Israeli military said it was targeting individuals linked to the October 7, 2023 terrorist attacks, although the Israeli military cabinet UN emphasizes that “The mere presence of a commander or several combatants does not constitute whole neighborhood on a military objective.”

“This would violate the principle of probability and the prohibition of indiscriminate attacks,” insists that the cabinet report led by Turkish.

The High Commissioner requested, in light of these conclusions, that Israel investigate these and other incidents in order to identify their responsible to be held responsiblethus guaranteeing victims’ right to truth, justice and reparation.

Among the six attacks analyzed are the one perpetrated against a market Jabalya (far north of Gaza) on October 9, which suffered the school of Al Hole in the capital of Gaza, on November 10, and in the two refugee camps.

The report is published hours before another is presented to the Human Rights Council prepared by the International and Independent Commission of Inquiry for Palestine into all events that have occurred since the October 7 attacks.

The document of the commission chaired by the renowned South African jurist Navi Pillay concludes that both Israel as Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups have committed war crimes, although it also accuses Israeli forces of crimes against humanity.

Source: Elcomercio

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