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Ukrainian women raped by Russian soldiers break their silence

Ukrainian women raped by Russian soldiers break their silence

Ukrainian women raped by Russian soldiers break their silence

For Daria, some soldiers Russians She was raped repeatedly in 2022, and Alissa, a Russian officer in 2014. They are two of the Ukrainian who dared to combat stigma so that the world knew their case and encouraged other victims to break their silence.

The harsh words of Daria Zymenko, a 33-year-old illustrator, contrasts with her petite figure, pale complexion and reserved countenance. A few days ago, he made a strong impression during a press conference organized in Paris by the NGO SEMA Ukrainethat helps women Ukrainian victims of rape committed by soldiers Russians.

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Five women reported their experience, reporting torture and sexual violence exercised by the Russian army between 2014 – when Moscow annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea– and 2023, a year after Russia began its invasion of Ukraine.

“In the war of aggression of Russia against Ukrainethe massive rapes perpetrated by soldiers Russians show willingness to destroy Ukrainian society”, especially so that women no longer have Ukrainian children, the organizations denounce.

They are violationswhich began in 2014, reaches thousands, and They mainly affect women, but also children and men, civilians or military personnel detained in Russian prisons“, they point out.

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People, not “statistics”

Calculating the exact number of violations is difficult, as NGOs “they do not have access to the occupied territories”he pointed Iryna Dovgana 62-year-old Ukrainian Donetskin the east of the country, who founded and directs the NGO SEMA Ukraine. She was also raped by soldiers Russians in 2014 and, as he says, there would be “Thousands”of cases like yours.

The Attorney General’s Office Ukraine states that it recorded 301 incidents of sexual crimes “committed by the occupants Russians” since the start of the invasion.

Russia was accused of several war crimes in Ukrainewhich he systematically denies.

“It is very painful to talk… but today I think it is necessary to explain what I experienced, because Russia continues to torture people and commit sexual crimes daily in Ukraine”, Daria told AFP.

On February 24, 2022, when the first explosions occurred in the suburbs of KyivAt the beginning of the Russian offensive against Ukraine, Daria fled to take refuge in Gavronshchina, his parents’ village, close to the capital. But the Russian army captured the city.

Shortly afterwards, some soldiers “Drunk and armed with rifles,” they burst into the family home and demanded that Daria follow them “for interrogation.” “My family begged them […] “But they pointed their guns at us, saying if I didn’t go with them, they would kill us.”he said.

On March 28th they took her to an abandoned house and the soldiers They asked him to undress. “There I understood that it was not an interrogation: They raped me for two hours”.

Upon returning to his parents’ house, the expression of despair that was reflected on their faces did not go unnoticed, and he preferred “shut up”. A day later, the soldiers They came back “for the same thing…” explained the thirty-year-old girl, between sighs, with her eyes filled with tears. The next day, the Ukrainian army “happily arrived”.

“I want the whole world to know this, for people to see me as a living person and not as a mere statistic!” Daria pointed out. For her, it is “It is extremely important to speak on behalf of the people who I can’t testifybecause they are in occupied territories or for fear of being stigmatized.

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“A victory”

Another victim Alissa Kovalenko36 years old, traveled to Paris in Kyiv to tell your case. He is a member of SEMA Ukraine since its founding in 2019. His serious look and combative personality are brightened from time to time by his sincere smile.

AlissaA well-known documentary filmmaker and winner of several international awards, she has just finished her latest film, “Footprints”, about rape victims who are members of the NGO.

Even today, I would say that 80% of women victims of rape maintain silenceAlissa told AFP. “But the 20% that speak is already a victory.”

While working on a film in the region of Donetsk In 2014, Alissa, who was still a student, was detained by pro-Russian separatists.

“I left [de la región] in taxi” on May 15, 2014, “and it was the driver who reported me to the separatists at a checkpoint, saying that shortly before he had Ukrainian militaryhe said Alissa.

They took me out of the car and questioned me”For several hours, he said. They even threatened to interrupt her.ears, fingers”.

For three days, an officer – Russian, according to her – kept her trapped in an apartment in Kramatorsk. “He forced me to take off my clothes, get into the bathtub and then raped me,” He explained.

For years, Alissa wasn’t able to tell her family anything.who discovered her rape much later.

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“Dark spot”

According to SEMA Ukrainemore and more victims to break he silence in that country, where sexual violence is taboo.

In the villages where the association carried out awareness campaigns, there were previously “a mentality of shame and stigma towards rape victims, but changes are being observed and people are helping each other more”according to Iryna Dovgan.

Women also agree to speak out more because Russian aggression does not end […] and other women are at risk of being attacked: it is our cry and our ask for helphe added.

Daria indicated that she decided “first forget this horrible experience”, but anxiety attacks were frequent. She later got psychological help through SEMA Ukraine. He filed a complaint abroad, but preferred not to say in which country.

Alissa also did not receive any assistance from the Ukrainian state but in 2019 she met the founder of the NGO and other rape “survivors”, and then became aware of “that dark stain, that trauma that remained inside me”. He filed a complaint with the Attorney General of the Republic Ukraine.

You don’t heal from an experience like that.Hey […]You might just feel better”, considered Alissa, who, he said, still has nightmares.

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