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The Israeli Army “is one of the most criminal in the world”, says the UN Commission

The Israeli Army “is one of the most criminal in the world”, says the UN Commission

The Israeli Army “is one of the most criminal in the world”, says the UN Commission

The Army of Israel “He is one of the most criminals in the world”, said this Wednesday one of the prominent jurists who are part of a commission from the UN which investigates crimes taking place in Link and concluded that the authorities Israel They are responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

“I don’t have the authority to do judgments about morality, but I have the authority to make assessments about criminal conduct (…) and the only conclusion that can be reached is that the Israeli army “He is one of the most criminals in the world.”said the lawyer Chris Sidoti.

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It was when commenting on the Israeli Prime Minister’s statement, Benjamin Netanyahuthat its military forces “are the most moral in the world” when asked about the number of Palestinian civilian victims in this war, more than 120 thousand dead and injured.

The Commission presented today in Geneva your report to Human Rights Councilin which the violations of international humanitarian and human rights law it describes include “extermination, intentional and direct attacks against civilians and civilian objects, murder and the use of starvation as a method of warfare”.

When commenting to the press on the report’s conclusions, the president of the commission of UNthe prestigious South African jurist Navy Pillayemphasized that from all the information collected by the investigation team, the intention to force civilians to move continuously comes to light.

By instruction of Israeli army, “the people of northern Link moves south and suddenly they are attacked in the south, then we read contrary instructions, all pointing to an attitude that they do not take into account counts the lives, destruction and displacement”.

Sidoti He said that in the more than 70 years that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has lasted, such a level of violence has never been experienced and that, although it can be understood that this occurred as a result of attacks by Hamas against Israelon October 7, “this does not justify the commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity” against the Palestinian population.

The fact is that this happens over and over again and it gets worse and worse. We are facing the highest number of deaths we have ever seen in this prolonged conflict and there must be justice for every criminal act.”he pointed out.

Pillay explained that the investigation that the commission is carrying out – whose report today has more than 200 pages – is the most extensive and in-depth that the UN has carried out to date into the war in Link.

He explained that they were able to count on the support of a network of highly qualified forensic experts, hundreds of people and sources who sent them information, which was examined and contrasted, to document all the facts exposed. Documentary, audiovisual and satellite images sources were also used.

Pillay maintained that the Israeli government “obstructed” in every possible way the work of the commission, whose members were not allowed to visit either their territory or the Palestinian territories they occupy, and also banned medical personnel from cared for victims of the October 7 attacks to talk to them.

Commissioners said they would also like to meet with the Israeli hostages freed who wish or with family members of those who remain captives, which they cannot do if the authorities do not allow them to visit Israel.

About the future, Pillay tried to inject some hope and asked the victims of this war to maintain hope, remembering that they had to go through 70 years of conflict before for the first time the UN General Assembly have asked the International Court of Justice a legal opinion on the illegality of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

Source: Elcomercio

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