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The Japanese opposition presents a motion of censure against the Kishida government

The Japanese opposition presents a motion of censure against the Kishida government

The main opposition party Japan This Thursday he presented a motion of censure to the Government he leads Fumio Kishidaan initiative with little chance of success and which would seek to call early elections.

The Kishida Cabinet is reluctant to implement political reforms and we can no longer trust them with running the country. They should immediately resign or dissolve the House of Representatives and ask for people’s trust“, he said Kenta Izumileader of the main opposition party, the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japanin statements collected by the state channel NHK.

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This is the first time that a motion has been presented since the failed attempt last December, which led, however, to the replacement of several members of Kishida’s Executive, including the then spokesperson and number two of the Government, Hirokazu Matsuno.

The initiative, which will be voted on this Thursday, will be rejected by Japan’s ruling party, the Liberal Democratic Party (PLD) and its coalition partner, the party Komeitowho have a majority, so the motion is not expected to come to fruition.

The Government is working on outstanding issues that we cannot abandon, so we will reject the motion and continue with political reforms to regain the trust of the Japanese people.“said the current government spokesperson today, Yoshimasa Hayashiat a press conference.

The ruling party has been suffering a series of scandals after a criminal complaint was filed against several factions of the party, alleging that several of its members had not correctly declared million-dollar income from training fundraising events held at least between 2018 and 2022.

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The case led Kishida to make the decision to abandon the leadership of his faction (political groups within the same party) to distance himself from suspicion, but the measure could make it difficult for him to continue as leader.

The term of office of the current Japanese prime minister, who has had low popular approval ratings for months, ends in October 2025, but in 2024 he will have to face other internal primaries.

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