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North Korea guarantees that its military assistance pact with Russia complies with international law

North Korea guarantees that its military assistance pact with Russia complies with international law

North Korea guarantees that its military assistance pact with Russia complies with international law

He North Korean regime guaranteed this Thursday that the military assistance clause incorporated in its new strategic agreement with Russia It complies with international law, according to details in the text released today by the state news agency KCNA.

If one of the two parties is subject to war situations due to an armed invasion of an individual country or several nations, the other party will provide military and other assistance without delay, mobilizing all possible means within its power, in accordance with the article 51 of the United Nations Charter and the DPRK laws and the Russian Federation“, reads the fragment of the treaty distributed by KCNA and to which the South Korean news agency Yonhap had early access.

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DPRK is the acronym for Democratic People’s Republic of Koreaofficial name of North Korea.

Article 51 of the aforementioned One flight stipulates that all members have the inherent right to individual and collective self-defense if an armed attack is launched against them.

On this same point, the most notable thing that emerged from the treaty sealed the day before in Pyongyang, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrovhe said: “If anyone doubts the legality of this clause, they should read it carefully”, ensuring that it complies with the regulations of the UN.

If anyone considers this illegal, only those planning aggression against the DPRK or the Russian Federation can oppose this article. In our case, it is a purely defensive position“, said the Russian Foreign Minister, according to statements collected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federation.

KCNA also detailed that the new treaty, which replaces the bilateral agreements sealed until now by Moscow It is Pyongyangrequires that both parties not sign pacts with third countries that violate the other’s fundamental interests or participate in such acts.

The document was signed on Wednesday by the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Unand the Russian president, Vladimir Putinafter a summit in the North Korean capital that marked President Moscow’s first visit to the hermetic country in more than 24 years, and after the rapprochement experienced by their nations following other meetings of leaders in the Russian Far East in September 2023.

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The call ‘Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement‘ has not been published in full by either party for now, and only the aforementioned clause and references to cooperation in other areas that Putin or other Kremlin representatives alluded to have emerged.

Exchanges between Pyongyang and Moscow have intensified since the previous bilateral summit and North Korea is believed to have supplied thousands of weapons containers to Russia, which were used in Ukrainewhile in return the regime got advice for its spy satellite launch program.

The new leaders’ summit came amid growing concerns about increased military cooperation between the two countries, which could fuel conflict in Ukraine or elsewhere.

Source: Elcomercio

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