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Thousands forced to evacuate after wildfires in New Mexico and California

Thousands forced to evacuate after wildfires in New Mexico and California

Thousands forced to evacuate after wildfires in New Mexico and California

Several forest fires in New Mexico It is California They burned thousands of hectares and forced thousands of people to evacuate due to the flames, which spread quickly and made it difficult for firefighters to extinguish the fire and assess the damage.

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US President Joe Biden has issued a disaster declaration for parts of southern New Mexico, allowing him to use federal funds to address the emergency caused by two fires called South Fork and Salt.

At least two people died and thousands were evacuated due to the fires that broke out last Monday in the south of that state.

About 1,400 structures were destroyed and more than 23,000 acres (9,315 hectares) razed. As of midday Friday, none of the fires had been contained, according to the New Mexico Fire Information website.

Residents of affected areas who were not evacuated continue to have their public services interrupted due to the fires that broke out, authorities said.

The FBI confirmed today that it is helping state and tribal investigators figure out how the fires that affected the Ruidoso area north of Las Cruces started.

New Mexico governor, Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham, deployed the National Guard to help with evacuation efforts and declared a state of emergency to have more resources.

Dropping temperatures and some rain on Friday helped extinguishers deal with the flames.

For their part, California firefighters are struggling to put out the flames of eight active fires in the state, although most are contained and evacuees have managed to return to their homes.

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A wildfire in Colusa County, in the northern part of the Golden State, has burned nearly 20,000 acres (8,300 hectares), but firefighters have contained it to 25 percent, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection reported today ( Cal Fire).

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles County fire, which broke out last Saturday, has devastated more than 15,000 acres (6,070 hectares) of brush in the mountains northwest of the city and numerous structures.

Fire extinguishers managed to contain 65% of the incident that affected Highway 5, one of the main roads in the United States, which crosses the country from south to north.

The only two fires that were not contained started this Thursday and Friday in the counties of Tulare and Madera, respectively. EFE.

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