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Noboa begins construction of maximum security prison similar to the Bukele model in Ecuador

Noboa begins construction of maximum security prison similar to the Bukele model in Ecuador

Noboa begins construction of maximum security prison similar to the Bukele model in Ecuador

The president of Ecuador, Daniel Noboathis Friday led the ceremony to begin the construction of the Santa Elena prison, one of the two maximum security prisons that he promised to build for criminal leaders, with a model similar to the one coined since The Savior by his counterpart, Nayib Bukele.

Today we mark one of the most important milestones in our fight against terrorism and mafias What if they entrenched themselves with impunity in our country for decades”he said Noboa at the ceremony of laying the first stone for the construction of the prison, which will be located in the coastal province of Santa Clauswhere the agent established his residence.

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The head of state added that “Just seven months ago, the prison system He was kidnapped and humiliated by criminal organizations “who turned prisons into their centers of operations”which he claimed to have changed with the militarization of prisons he ordered earlier this year.

Between 2021 and 2023, they were murdered in prisons more than 500 prisoners, many of them in a series of prison massacres due to disputes between rival gangs that controlled the prisons within the walls.

The military’s entry into prisons last January took place within the scope of the state of emergency decreed by the Noboa to combat organized crime, which is attributed to the increase in criminal violence, which has led to Ecuador be among the most violent countries in the world Latin America.

In the first months of his term, the Ecuadorian president had announced the construction of two prisons with characteristics similar to those implemented in Mexico any The Savioralthough much smaller in size than the Salvadoran Terrorism Confinement Center (Cecot), built by Bukele to arrest gang members, up to almost 40 thousand, according to official data.

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300 days of construction

With an investment of 52 million dollars, The Santa Elena penitentiary center will cover 16.2 hectares and will be built in a record time of 300 days, said the director of the National Service for Comprehensive Care for Adults Deprived of Liberty and Adolescent Offenders (SNAI), Luís Zaldumbide.

The country’s highest prison authority highlighted that the highlight of the project, with capacity for around 800 prisoners, are the maximum security pavilions, “intended to ensure strict compliance with judicial measures.” “This center will be fundamental in our fight against organized crime”, he noticed.

“Thanks to its cutting-edge technological implementation, which includes video surveillance systems connected to Software of artificial intelligence, this center will not only be the first of its kind in the country, but will also establish new standards in the categorization of people deprived of liberty according to their danger level,” said Zaldumbide.

The director of SNAI He recalled that in recent years detention centers have been dominated by organized crime “while previous rulers looked the other way or made pacts with them.”

However, in Noboa Government regained control of prisons, he emphasized Zaldumbide in a week in which relatives of prisoners denounced alleged torture in prisons and demanded the reinstatement of visits suspended since January, while most prisons were also temporarily without food suppliers.

Today we have order with the military, the police and also with a commander in chief who has the courage to face them head on. forward quickly“Noboa commented referring to himself as the highest authority of law enforcement agencies.

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“Time bombs”

Noboa highlighted that before coming to power themafia control “It has turned prisons into real time bombs in urban areas, threatening the population and also facilitating the commission of crimes.”

And there was also direct communication with the narcopoliticians that bothers me so much today”, he noted without naming names.

The governor announced that the new prison will be called “the meeting” (slogan of the government of the former president Guilherme Lasso) because there you find the corrupt, the murderers, the drug traffickers, the most dangerous criminals in the country, “the mafia leaders, who will now be monitored in real time and with the support of artificial intelligence”.

“We are making history despite all the difficulties that have been placed in our path”, he stated and stated that the new prison will be “a symbol of the beginning of a new era of peace in our country”.”. “We are in war (against the mafias) and this commander in chief will fight until the end”, he stated.

Source: Elcomercio

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