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Julian Assange’s wife and parents thank him for his efforts in favor of his release

Julian Assange’s wife and parents thank him for his efforts in favor of his release

Julian Assange’s wife and parents thank him for his efforts in favor of his release

The wife and parents of the founder of WikiLeaksthe Australian Julian Assangethanked this Tuesday for the efforts of the Executive of Canberraas well as his supporters and activists who fought for his release and return to his home country.

Juliano is free“he said today Stella Assange on his X account, in which he published images in which the founder of WikiLeaks traveling by plane, after pleading guilty to one of eighteen charges against him in the US, under a deal with the US Department of Justice.

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Assange, who left the maximum security prison in Belmarsh (United Kingdom), where he has been imprisoned since 2019, must appear at a hearing that will take place on Wednesday in a court in Mariana Islandsa US territory in the Pacific Ocean.

Words cannot express our immense gratitude to you. Yes, you who mobilized for years and years to make this a reality. THANKS. THANKS. THANKS“, reads the South African lawyer’s emotional message.

This gratitude was directed primarily to the millions of civilians, as well as to organizations defending freedom of the press and who called for Assange’s release in Australia, UK and other parts of the planet.

It looks like Julian will be free to return to Australia and my thanks and congratulations go out to all his supporters… who made this possible and of course to the (Australian) Prime Minister, Antonio Albanês“, he said John Shipton today in an interview with Australian public broadcaster ABC.

The Albanian Government, which took power in May 2022, has requested on several occasions washington give up on extraditing Assange, something that the American president, Joe Bidenresponded last April that he was “considering”.

Shipton hopes her son – who takes his stepfather’s surname – will soon be able to “enjoy a normal life with his family and his wife Stella” in Australia, its “Home”.

In turn, the mother of the founder of WikiLeaks Cristina Assangeshe felt grateful for “that the ordeal” of his son finished, highlighting “the importance and power of discreet diplomacy”, according to a statement cited by ABC.

Many have used my son’s situation to further their own agendas, so I am grateful to these invisible, hard-working people who put Julian’s well-being first.“, stated Assange’s mother when confessing that the last 14 years have passed”counts as mother”.

The long legal battle between Assange and Washington over one of the biggest leaks of classified information in the history of the North American country took a twist today when it became known that Assange would only plead guilty to a single charge of conspiracy to illegally obtain and disseminate classified information.

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This guilty plea, which is part of a deal with the US Department of Justice and which has yet to be approved by a judge, means that Assange will be sentenced to 62 months in prison, equivalent to the time he already served in Belmarsh, and will return to Australia as soon as possible.

Assange, 52, was wanted by the United States on 18 counts of violating the Espionage Act after WikiLeaks revealed millions of classified documents related to US national defense in 2010. USAwhich include alleged human rights violations committed by the US military in the wars of Iraq It is Afghanistan.

Since 2019, the journalist had been detained in the high security prison of Berlmarsh (United Kingdom) following the fact that that same year the embassy of Ecuador in Londonwhere Assange took refuge for seven years, will withdraw the asylum granted in 2012.

Source: Elcomercio

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