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Maduro creates the post of “general of the sovereign people”, the highest level in the Armed Forces

Maduro creates the post of “general of the sovereign people”, the highest level in the Armed Forces

Maduro creates the post of “general of the sovereign people”, the highest level in the Armed Forces

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Madurocreated the post of “general of the sovereign people” so that, as of this Monday, it will be the highest level in the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), named after General Ezequiel Zamorahistorical figure that Chavismo considers “village leader”.

General in chief is the highest insignia, right? From today onwards, to reward the merits of authentic leaders, we will add, in honor of Zamora, the rank of general of the sovereign people as the highest level that an officer who exemplarily fulfills ethics, morals, dignity and the doctrines of (Simón) Bolívar and Zamora“he said on the 203rd anniversary of The Battle of Carabobowith which the country considers to have sealed its independence.

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In accordance with article 106 of the ‘Constitutional Law of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces‘, he “order of military ranks”within the institution is headed by“general chief” -It is “chief admiral” at the Bolivarian Navy-, and is only surpassed, according to article 23, by “commander in chief”, attributed to the President of the Republic.

At the event, broadcast on state channel VTV, Maduro described Zamora as “thebuilder of the second popular army that ever had Venezuela“, having driven”the first great popular peasant uprising in history” from the country.

On the other hand, the head of state appealed to the FÃNB ramp up “a technological, logistical, independent, powerful, sovereign power and the greatest military power of all time”Venezuela had it.

If we want a country (…), let’s build a powerful, efficient, modern, democratic State, let’s build a powerful civic-military-police alliance; but, above all, you comrades in arms, and I tell you as your commander in chief, we will build the greatest and most splendid military power that Venezuela has ever had.“he asked.

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In this way, he added, the nation will be “respected by the world”.

In recent weeks, Maduro has traveled the country to meet with his followers and invite them to vote for him in the presidential elections on July 28, in which he will seek his second re-election and in which he will compete against nine opponents. including the candidate of the main anti-Chavista coalition – the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD)-, Edmundo González Urrutia.

Source: Elcomercio

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