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June 25th birthdays: What happened in the world on a day like today?

June 25th birthdays: What happened in the world on a day like today?

June 25th birthdays: What happened in the world on a day like today?

A June 25th, but in 1678, Venetian noblewoman Elena Cornaro Piscopia became the first woman to receive a doctorate in Philosophy. He obtained it at the University of Padua.


1792.- Measurement of the Paris meridian, origin of the Decimal Metric System, begins.

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1806.- Landing near Buenos Aires of a British expedition, consisting of 1,800 men, under the command of General Beresford.

1857.- The book of poems ‘The Flowers of Evil’, by Charles Baudelaire, is published.

1876.- Battle of ‘Little Big Horn’ where the Americans lose to Sioux Indian chiefs ‘Crazy Horse’ and ‘Sitting Bull’.

1877.- The Cotopaxi volcano erupts, 80 km from Quito. The fertile valleys of Chilo and Tambuco are devastated.

1906.- Pedro Montt triumphs in the Chilean presidential elections.

1947.- The Diary of Anne Frank is published.

1950.- Korean War: North Koreans invade the South.

1967.- The Beatles record ‘All you need is love’ live, on the program ‘Our World’, via BBC satellite to 30 countries. His last performance on television.

1975.- Mozambique becomes independent from Portugal.

1991.- The Yugoslav republics of Slovenia and Croatia proclaim their independence.

1993.- Conservative Kim Campbell, Canada’s first female head of government.

2015.- US Supreme Court endorses Obama’s healthcare reform.

2017.- Nine dead and 158 people rescued after the tourist boat ‘El Almirante’ capsized in the Guatapé dam, northwest Colombia.

2018.- Third general strike in Argentina against the Macri government’s economic policy.

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2021.- They shoot at the helicopter in which the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, was traveling, who emerges unharmed.


1852.- Antonio GaudiSpanish architect.

1903.- George OrwellBritish writer.

1911.- William Howard SteinAmerican biochemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

1924.- Sidney LumetAmerican filmmaker.

1925.- John BrileyAmerican novelist and screenwriter.

1928.- Pierre CullifordPeyo‘, Belgian cartoonist, creator of ‘The Smurfs’.

1961.- Ricky GervaisBritish actor, comedian and writer.

1963.- George MichaelBritish musician.


1984.- Michel FoucaultFrench philosopher.

nine hundred ninety-five.- William LeitonAmerican playwright.

1997.- Jacques CusteauFrench oceanographer.

2009.- Michael JacksonAmerican singer.

.- Farrah FawcettAmerican actress.

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2015.- Patrick Macneea British actor.

2017.- Corina GonzálezNicaraguan politician from the Sandinista Front.

2021.- Antonio HelgueraMexican cartoonist.

Source: Elcomercio

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