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NATO ready to guarantee Ukraine’s defense during Washington summit

NATO ready to guarantee Ukraine’s defense during Washington summit

NATO ready to guarantee Ukraine’s defense during Washington summit

The leaders of the member countries of the NATO They begin tough negotiations on Wednesday to strengthen their support for Ukraine during a historic summit in Washington.

After having celebrated with great fanfare, on Tuesday, the 75th anniversary of the Western military alliancewill meet to discuss the modalities of this greater support for Ukrainetarget of increasingly intense Russian bombings.

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The American President, Joe Bidenalready confirmed on Tuesday night that the allies will provide Ukraine a total of five air defense systems, including four batteries of the type Patriotsurface-to-air missiles especially effective in intercepting Russian ballistic missiles.

The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr ZelenskyWho’s in Washingtonhas been asking for them for months.

On Tuesday, he thanked his allies for their “strong statement”of support and asked them not to let their guard down as they await the results of the November elections in U.S.

Germany, Netherlands, Romania and Italy They will also contribute.

“It is time to come out of the shadows, to make firm decisions, to work, to act and not wait for November or any other month”said the Ukrainian president in a speech before the Ronald Reagan Institute in Washington.

“Russia will not win”the 81-year-old US president energetically promised to be at his side in a highly anticipated speech in which he tried to dispel Democrats’ doubts about his ability to be re-elected in the November elections.

Russia has recently intensified its missile attacks against Ukrainekilling 43 people and devastating the Children’s Hospital largest in the country in Kiev this week.

O Russian missiles They also destroyed half of the country’s energy capacity.

The allies also pledged to provide other Patriot Missiles or equivalent “this year” and “dozens”of tactical air defense systems, “In the next months”, according to the American president.

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Trump’s shadow

More than two years later Russia would invade Ukrainethe outgoing secretary general of NATO, Jens StoltenbergI say that “There are no free options with an aggressive Russia as a neighbor” and I remembered that “the greatest cost and the greatest risk would be Russia winning in Ukraine”.

He did this during the anniversary ceremony at Andrew W. Mellon Auditoriumwhere 75 years ago Atlantic Treaty by which the organization of the same name was founded.

The heads of state and government arrived in the American capital on Tuesday, with the exception of the French president. Emmanuel Macronwho will do so on Wednesday.

The summit of Washington It is celebrated in a climate of political uncertainty in U.Swhere Biden is barely trying to quell a rebellion by Democratic congressmen who are calling on him to drop out of the race for a second term against Donald Trump.

The shadow of the former Republican president hangs over the summit. He did not hesitate to assure on his social network Social Truth that without him “there probably wouldn’t be any more NATO”, in reference to the fact that during his term he pressured member countries to spend more on defense.

In the evening the leaders will attend a dinner, at which the foreign and defense ministers of the countries of the NATO.

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbanwho holds the rotating presidency of the HUHwill have the opportunity to report on his controversial travels to Moscow and Beijing.

The Ukrainian president will meet with lawmakers before attending a NATO-Ukraine Council on Thursday, the last day of the summit.

Ukraine I want to receive one Formal invitation to join the NATObut will still have to wait in the face of opposition from several countries, including U.S.

Source: Elcomercio

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