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Gaza Ceasefire Talks: Hezbollah Claims Support for Hamas Position

Gaza Ceasefire Talks: Hezbollah Claims Support for Hamas Position

Gaza Ceasefire Talks: Hezbollah Claims Support for Hamas Position

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said on Wednesday he supports Hamas’ position in indirect talks with Israel on a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, reiterating that if an agreement is reached his party will stop its attacks from southern Lebanon.

Since the war between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist movement began on October 7, Hezbollah, an ally of Hamas, has been exchanging fire with Israel daily, raising fears of a wider war.

“Whatever Hamas accepts, we accept (…), and what satisfies Hamas satisfies us,” Hassan Nasrallah said in a televised address honoring the pro-Iranian movement’s commander Mohammed Nasser, who was killed by the Israeli army in early July. “In addition, we are not asking them to coordinate their actions with us, because the battle is first and foremost their battle,” he added.

Indirect talks to try to move toward a cease-fire in Gaza are set to resume in Qatar in the presence of CIA Director William Burns and Israeli Mossad chief David Barney. Hamas said Sunday, according to the official, that it would no longer demand a permanent cease-fire before any talks on the release of hostages. Israel, for its part, says it wants to continue the war until Hamas is destroyed.

In his speech, Hassan Nasrallah confirmed that if a ceasefire agreement is reached, “which we all hope for, we will certainly cease fire.”

“Dozens of drones”

In response to Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, who said Israel would “continue to fight and do whatever is necessary” against Hezbollah “even if there is a ceasefire in Gaza,” Hassan Nasrallah said his party would not tolerate “any aggression that the Israeli enemy might carry out against Lebanon in the event of a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, even if it is very unlikely.”

Hezbollah announced three attacks on Wednesday evening, including “an air offensive with a squadron of explosive drones” on the Yarden military base in the Israeli-annexed Syrian Golan Heights, “targeting assembly areas of its officers and soldiers.” The Israeli army said a female soldier was slightly injured after “three drones crashed in the Beit Hameches area.”

Hezbollah, which has been increasingly using explosive drones for weeks, said the attack was carried out in retaliation for “the attack and murder committed by the Israeli enemy (…) on the Damascus-Beirut road” the previous day. A source close to Hezbollah told AFP on Tuesday that a former bodyguard of Hassan Nasrallah had been killed in a strike in Syria, on the border with Lebanon, identifying the victim as “Karnabah.” The party then announced in a press release the death of a fighter with the same surname.

Violence on the Israeli-Lebanese border has left at least 499 people dead in Lebanon, according to AFP. At least 29 people have been killed on the Israeli side, according to authorities.

Source: Le Parisien

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