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The Argentine government is promoting a bill to hold trials in the absence of the accused

The Argentine government is promoting a bill to hold trials in the absence of the accused

The Argentine government is promoting a bill to hold trials in the absence of the accused

The government of Argentina announced this Wednesday that it will send to Parliament a bill so that trials can be held in the absence of the defendants in cases of serious criminal offences, including terrorist acts, such as that suffered by the Jewish mutual society. AMIA in 1994.

Let’s promote this debate in Congress with the Constitution, the law and justice in hand.”, said the Argentine Minister of Justice, Mariano Cuneo Libaronawhen presenting the initiative at a press conference with the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich.

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The project establishes the possibility of trial in absentia of a fugitive from justice defendant only in serious crimes: genocide, This hurts humanity, war crimes It is crime of aggression; forced disappearance of persons; torture, cruel treatment or punishment, inhuman or degrading; It is terrorist financing It’s from proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

This includes terrorist acts, such as the one perpetrated in 1994 against the headquarters in good airs of the Jewish Mutual Society AMIAin which 85 people died, attributed to Iran and the Lebanese Shiite party Hezbollah and this is still unpunished.

Bullrich clarified that, if approved, a trial in absentia could be held for those accused of the AMIA attack, but that the bill was not designed solely with this case in mind.

Today we may have in mind the cause of AMIA. It would be wrong of us to legislate for a cause. Here we are legislating for the cause of justice.” he claimed.

According to the initiative, the trial in absentia of the fugitive defendant will continue after four months have passed since the issuance of his national or international arrest warrant without him being able to be captured, or when his extradition has been denied or there has been no response to the extradition request.

This habit of judgments in drawers and files must end. The suffering of victims and society demands it and it is our responsibility.”, said Cuneo Libarona.

In turn, Bullrich stated that “this is an answer”from the Argentine president, Javier Mileito Argentine society that every day feels that there is impunity”.

For these cases we define the most serious crimes, those that generate collective anguish and harm to the whole society, such as the financing of terrorism.“, said the minister.

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The project provides, among other things, for the obligation to record the entire trial in absentia by audiovisual means so that it is not subsequently declared null and void.

If the fugitive is captured or appears during the trial in absentia, he shall have the right to be heard.

After conviction, the fugitive may only request a new trial when he is not aware of the proceedings against him or when, despite being aware of them, he did not appear for the court summons for a serious and legitimate reason.

Source: Elcomercio

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