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Bukele orders investigation into price hikes at pharmacies in El Salvador

Bukele orders investigation into price hikes at pharmacies in El Salvador

Bukele orders investigation into price hikes at pharmacies in El Salvador

The president of The Savior, Nayib Bukeleordered this Wednesday the opening of an investigation into the increases “unjustified”the prices of insecticides and repellents in pharmacies, hardware stores and supermarkets, amid a dengue outbreak that has already killed three children.

In addition, the president ordered the opening of mobile markets to contain the unprecedented rise in food prices.

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Measures against rising prices appear to be a new crusade for Bukele, after appeasing the country with a “war”against criminal gangs.

The state Consumer Ombudsman He delivered “information requirements for suppliers of the main pharmacy, hardware and supermarket chains that sell repellents and insecticides against mosquitoes and midges“, the entity said in a statement.

The Savior It has been on epidemiological alert since July 2, after the death of three children from dengue fever. The country has registered 3,692 cases of the disease this year, according to the Pan American Health Organization (OPS).

The government “will act firmly in the event of unjustified price increases or sales restrictions.“, indicated the Ombudsman.

The information required ranges from stocks and purchases of mosquito repellent products to sales and consumer prices, in order to prevent abusive practices.”, he added, without specifying how much prices had increased.

Avoid intermediaries

The mobile markets program will be coordinated by the Department of Agriculture (MAG) to promote direct sales and thus avoid intermediaries in strategic points of the country.

From now on, MAG farmers markets will be open every day“Bukele wrote on social network X, to also highlight that he will be“buy at fair prices”.

With this project we take producers, importers and entrepreneurs directly to customers”, he emphasized.

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Bukele clarified that “The government is just a facilitator, but it saves the middlemen”.

The cost of the basic food basket per family, according to the Central Reserve Bankis $256.56 per month, compared to a stagnant minimum wage of $243 in the agricultural sector, $359 in maquila and $365 in commerce and industry.

Under the motto “Your money is enough in the Fair Markets!”, MAG presented a price list for tomatoes, onions, cabbage, potatoes, lettuce, carrots, broccoli, peppers and cucumbers, among other products that face price increases of more than 40% in large stores.

In addition, the government has created an application to receive complaints on the “combat speculation”.

Supermarket inspection

On Monday, authorities began inspections in supermarket chains after Bukele ordered to fight the “mafias”business due to never-before-seen price increases.

On radio and television, the president appealed to “food importers, wholesalers, distributors and traders“to stop”the abuses”.

I’m going to make a call (…) like the one we made to criminals in 2019″, when he asked these gangs to stop the violence and killings before launching a frontal fight against them, in March 2022, the ruler warned the traders.

Stop abusing the Salvadoran people (with prices) or don’t complain later”, he expressed.

On Sunday, Bukele announced that he will fight against “mafias“businesses that raise the prices of products and increase the cost of living.

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After this announcement, they were introduced “Information requirements” to the six main supermarket chains in the country.

These networks have a 10-day deadline to provide information about the price increase of 68 basic food basket products, said the head of the state Consumer Ombudsman’s Office. Ricardo Salazar.

On June 1, upon assuming his second term, Bukele promised to improve the economy albeit with “bitter medicine”.

Source: Elcomercio

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