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Nicaragua: Ortega government to release 1,500 prisoners, but without opposition

Nicaragua: Ortega government to release 1,500 prisoners, but without opposition

Nicaragua: Ortega government to release 1,500 prisoners, but without opposition

The vice president of Nicaragua, Rosario Murilloannounced this Wednesday the release of 1,500 prisoners, not including the 128 opponents who, according to the IACHR, are in prison “arbitrarily”In the Central American country.

Murillo, who is the president’s wife Daniel Ortegareported in its daily communication with the official Nicaraguan media that these prisoners will enjoy “legal benefits of family life“, then they can”return to their homes“after having committed”mistakes in life”.

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However, he indicated that they are people “humble”and not the“out of law”, in relation to the imprisoned opponents.

Murillo did not mention the request made on Tuesday Inter-American Court of Human Rightswho asked Nicaragua in a resolution the “immediate release”of 25 opponents arrested by the Ortega government.

The Court, with its seat in Saint Josephhighlighted in his writing that the aforementioned opponents “They are deprived of their freedom in a context of criminalization of people with critical or opposition positions towards the current government of Nicaragua.”and whose legal proceedings“would have been carried out without due process guarantees”.

Murillo said the 1,500 prisoners will be released “in greeting”to the 45th anniversary of the triumph of the Sandinista revolution, which falls on July 19.

In June the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) indicated in a report on Nicaragua that at least 128 opponents are imprisoned “arbitrarily”in a context of“human rights crisis”In the Central American country.

Ortega, leader of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), stripped the nationality of more than 300 opponents and critics and sent them into exile, accusing them of “traitors” It is “traitors”For having participated in or supported the 2018 protests.

The president of Nicaragua, who governed in the 1980s after the triumph of the revolution and returned to power in 2007, guarantees that these demonstrations, which in three months left more than 300 dead, according to the UNthere was an attempted coup d’état sponsored by Washington.

The Inter-American Court, in addition to requesting the release of these prisoners, requested Nicaragua to “determine and report the whereabouts of Freddy Antonio Quezada It is Carlos Alberto Bojorge“, both considered”absent”.

Likewise, the court requested permission for the prisoners to contact each other “immediate”With family and attorneys as his release is being processed.

Criticism of exile

After the announcement by the Nicaraguan government, opponents exiled in Costa Rica They told AFP that such mass releases usually do not include jailed government critics.

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Normally, political prisoners are not included in these releases with the precautionary measure of family coexistence.“, they stated since the Reflection Group of Politically Released Prisoners (GREX).

They also commented that “There is no indication that they will release any political prisoners.” in relation to the request of the Inter-American Court. “They (the Nicaraguan government) have openly disregarded the provisions of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.“, they added.

In GREX They also indicated that the number of those released “are inflated data“because if they were real”Nicaragua’s prisons are supposed to be empty and they are full”.

Source: Elcomercio

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