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Machado hopes Maduro will accept negotiations for an orderly transition in Venezuela

Machado hopes Maduro will accept negotiations for an orderly transition in Venezuela

Machado hopes Maduro will accept negotiations for an orderly transition in Venezuela

The leader of the opposition of Venezuela Maria Corina Machado He told EFE on Wednesday that he hopes the president Nicolas Madurocandidate for reelection in the July 28 elections, agrees to negotiate an orderly transition because, he predicted, anti-Chavismo will “to destroy”, with the former ambassador Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia as a candidate.

We are going through a delicate transition process and, For the sake of Mr. Nicolás Maduro and the rest of his structure, I hope that he accepts a negotiation process that allows us an orderly and sustainable transition.“, said the former deputy, during a political event in which she participated, together with González Urrutia, 74 years old, in front of thousands of supporters.

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In his opinion, Maduro – in power since 2013 – has lost “people’s trust and support“, and that’s why he chose to plant”the fear“, a strategy that he considered, “does not work”.

The opposition responded in this way to the president’s speeches in recent weeks, when – in front of thousands of supporters at his rallies – he used expressions such as “decrepit old man” Refer to “a candidate”of anti-Chavismo, whose name he did not mention, as he usually does.

Furthermore, he said that the accusations by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Government about alleged plans by the opposition, together with an irregular Colombian group, to act against the president or destabilize the country, are a “manufacturing” more than chavismwho reported more than a hundred “conspiracies” against him in the 25 years he was in power.

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I’ve lost count of how many conspiracies there are.. Every week a new one begins and, evidently, they fabricate narratives, fabricate evidence, persecute innocent people and in the end everything falls apart.“, sustained.

Maria Corina Machadothat accompanies Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia in her campaign events, she was chosen in the primaries as the presidential candidate of the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD), the main anti-Chavista coalition, but could not register in the race due to the Comptroller’s Office’s sanction, which is why it supports the former ambassador.

Source: Elcomercio

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