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Bolivia: Morales says he will sign electoral agreement if his re-election as MAS leader is approved

Bolivia: Morales says he will sign electoral agreement if his re-election as MAS leader is approved

Bolivia: Morales says he will sign electoral agreement if his re-election as MAS leader is approved

The former president of Bolivia and leader of the ruling party, Evo Morales (2006-2019), said this Wednesday that he will sign the multi-party declaration that calls for the suspension of the primary elections for the 2025 presidential elections, if the electoral authority recognizes the congress that re-elected him as leader of the ruling party. Movement for Socialism (MAS) or if the requirement to renew the directive is lifted.

This Wednesday the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) held a multi-party meeting which, among several points, defined the suspension of the primary elections make way for the 2025 presidential elections, in addition to giving priority to judicial elections.

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Morales, who participated in this meeting as head of the ADVANCEdid not sign the final declaration and withdrew before its conclusion, while a dozen opposition parties, such as the former president’s Comunidad Ciudadana Carlos Mesa (2003-2005) o We believe that the suspended governor of Santa Cruz Luis Fernando Camachosigned the agreement.

At a press conference at the ruling party headquarters in the city of PeaceMorales reaffirmed his position that if there are no primaries “that there are no deadlines for renewing directives” or that if these are maintained there will be prior elections or that, finally, “to recognize” Last year’s Congress that re-elected him president of MAS.

Morales said that this Wednesday there will be a meeting between the party delegate and the president of the TSE, Oscar Hassenteufelto resolve this matter.

If tomorrow (Thursday) is resolved, I will personally sign this agreement. Otherwise, we will defend the primaries if possible in the streets and on the roads, because it is important to respect the internal primaries.”Morales assured.

In this regard, the Minister of the Presidency, Maria Nela Pradamentioned that Morales as “a spoiled child” By placing conditions on the request to suspend the presidential primaries.

Prada considered that the former ruler acted “totally irresponsible” is that “on impulse“He is willing to”lead the population to scenarios of uncertainty”.

In October 2023, a MAS congress held by Morales followers in the community of Lauca Ñat the Tropic of Cochabambaits political and union stronghold, ratified the former president as its leader and “sole candidate” for the 2025 presidential elections.

The President of Bolivia, Luis Arceand the vice president, David Choquehuancaparticipated in this meeting because they considered that the social organizations that are part of the MAS were not adequately represented.

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A month later, the electoral body did not recognize the MAS congress and urged the political organization to call a new assembly to designate its representatives.

Last May, another MAS congress, this time organized by organizations supporting President Arce, decided to appoint its new board, which was rejected by the Electoral Body.

Currently, the board chaired by Evo Moraleselected in 2017, is still in force in the Electoral Court. However, the participation of MAS in a new national election is conditioned by the renewal of its national leadership.

Source: Elcomercio

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