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Stoltenberg says NATO will define China’s ‘responsibility’ in war with Russia

Stoltenberg says NATO will define China’s ‘responsibility’ in war with Russia

Stoltenberg says NATO will define China’s ‘responsibility’ in war with Russia

The Secretary General of the NATO, Jens Stoltenbergwholesale China this Wednesday for “support the war economy Russia” against Ukraine and said that the Alliance leaders are “defining responsibility”of the Asian giant.

The message sent by NATO From this summit it is very clear and clear: We are clearly defining China’s responsibility for facilitating Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.“Stoltenberg said at a press conference.

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Stoltenberg expressed on behalf of the Alliance leaders, who met this afternoon, that “China cannot facilitate the largest conflict in Europe in recent history without negatively affecting its interests and reputation”, However, he did not go into details when asked about the repercussions.

The diplomat and politician considered that this position is not “temporary“, but “a big and strategic change” and warned that NATO must be vigilant about the “threats”, after highlighting that the “Putin’s war is driven by those who do not share our values”: Will, North Korea It is China.

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During his speech, he assured that “The quickest way to end the war is to lose it, but that would not bring peace, only occupation: so unless we want Ukraine to lose, unless we want to bow down, we must show commitment and determination.”.

The leaders of the Atlantic Alliance previously published a joint statement guaranteeing their support for the path “irreversible”of Ukraine towards its accession, and commit to giving 40 billion euros to the country in 2025 to help it defeat Russia.

Source: Elcomercio

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