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Supporters of Evo Morales and President Luis Arce clash in Bolivia

Supporters of Evo Morales and President Luis Arce clash in Bolivia

Supporters of Evo Morales and President Luis Arce clash in Bolivia

Supporters of the president of Bolivia, Luis Arceand the former ruler Evo Morales They faced each other on Wednesday in a square Peaceduring a meeting of political party leaders convened by the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), to define the scenario before the 2025 elections.

Morales (2006-2019) responded to the call of 11 political party leaders to discuss the popular vote elections for Judiciary ministers and define the primaries to nominate their candidates for next year’s elections.

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The former president, 64, and leader of his party Movement towards socialism (ADVANCE) arrived in the vicinity of TSE surrounded by dozens of supporters. As he entered the electoral body, Arce’s followers arrived and the skirmishes began.

For several hours there were clashes with stones and sticks and even supporters of both MAS figures clashed with punches and kicks, leaving at least one injured, according to a report by the Vice-Minister of Government (Interior).

Lucho (Luis Arce) you are not alone!“, shouted the followers of the 60-year-old Bolivian president, in power since 2020, while his opponents responded:”President Evo, President Evo!”.

The MAS in power was divided into two blocks: one supports Evo Morales and another for Luis Arce. Both are competing for the party leadership and candidacy for the 2025 elections. Morales announced that he will run for president again, while the head of state indicated that he has not yet made a decision.

The differences between the two were also reflected in the military uprising in La Paz on June 26. Arce assured that it was a coup attemptwhile Morales spoke of a self-coup to raise the presidential image.

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A contingent of riot police arrived on the scene and positioned themselves between the two groups to prevent heated tempers from escalating into more violence. They even used tear gas to reduce the belligerence, an AFP photographer confirmed.

The meeting called by the TSE seeks an agreement that unblocks judicial elections and party primaries.

He Congress There is no agreement to approve a law on how and when the election of magistrates will be held and the parties are having problems meeting deadlines for nominating their presidential candidates.

Source: Elcomercio

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