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July 11th Birthdays: What Happened in the World on a Day Like Today?

July 11th Birthdays: What Happened in the World on a Day Like Today?

July 11th Birthdays: What Happened in the World on a Day Like Today?

On a July 11but in 1971, the Chilean National Congress approved the constitutional reform that allowed the nationalization of copper mining, ratified days later by President Salvador Allende.


1533.- Clement VII excommunicate the king Henry VIII of Englandafter invalidating his marriage with Catherine of Aragon to marry Anne Boleyn and end with Pomegranate.

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1893.- Jose Santos Celaya leads the liberal revolution that leads him to power Nicaragua after the president’s arrest Salvador Machado.

1917.- William II implants in Prussia he universal suffragethrough direct and secret vote.

1924.- He Norwegian government change the name of the capital Christianity for this of Oslo.

1935.- O Constituent Assembly of Guatemala extends the president’s term for six years, general Jorge Ubico.

1936.- He German Reich recognizes the total independence Austria.

1940.- O French National Assembly confers full powers on the marshal Philippe Petain and fixed Vichy as the seat of Government and Parliament.

1952.- Nearly nine hundred Allied planes bomb Pyongyang and other supply centers and a railway line.

1954.- The head of the Paraguayan Army, Alfredo Stroessnerwins the presidential elections and stars in a dictatorship until 1989.

1957.- He Aga Khan IV becomes the magnetic of the Ismaili Muslims.

1962.- First satellite transmission of Telstar 1with the transmission of an American flag Androverin Maine (USA), to Pleumeur-Bodou (France).

1969.- British singer David Bowie launch the theme ‘Space Oddity‘, days before Neil Armstrong step on Moon.

1971.- The Mexican pilot of Formula 1 Pedro Rodriguez de la Vega dies in an accident in ‘Nuremberg 200 Miles‘, in Germany.

1972.- Starts at Reykjavik he World Chess Championship between the defender Boris Spasskifrom the USSRand the American candidate Bobby Fisher. Fischer was crowned champion on September 1, becoming the first American to do so.

1973.- 124 of the occupants of a car die Boeing 707 in Varig in the forced landing near the Paris airport of Orly.

1975.- The general strike called by CGT causes the fall of Argentine government. The president, Isabel Peronaccepts the salary demands and its minister Jose Lopez Rega leave the country.

.- They announce the discovery of more than 7,000 sculptures of Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an (China), found a year earlier.

1978.- 215 people die and 67 are injured when a bomb explodes truck with propylene in front of the camp’The Alfaques‘, in the town of Tarragona Reach (eastern Spain).

1982.- Italy He wins soccer World CupWhen he defeated the RFA (3-1), at the stadium Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid.

1983.- All 119 occupants of Ecuadorian plane die TAME that falls close by Bowl.

1991.- A Total solar eclipse leaves in darkness a strip 250 kilometers wide by 10 thousand kilometers long, from the Hawaiian Islands until Brazil.

.- All 261 occupants of a car die Nigerian plane shortly after take off Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).

1992.- He General Synod of the Anglican Church approves that the women can exercise the priesthood.

nine hundred ninety-five.- Eight thousand eight hundred people are murdered in Srebrenicaa Bosnian city with a Muslim majority, by Serbobonians of the general Ratko Mladic.

2000.- Around thirty heads of state unanimously approve What I (Togo) the creation of the African Union.

.- O Peruvian military justice sentence for life imprisonment for Ernestina HinostrozaComrade Marcia‘, political command of the Luminous Path.

2001.- Calm restored in Kingston (Jamaica) after three days of violence in which 24 people died.

2005.- It is carried out in Three songs (Madrid) the first gay marriage.

2006.- A wave of attacks on seven suburban trains in Bombay (India) causes 185 deaths and more than 700 injuries.

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2010.- O Spanish national football team champion of South Africa World Cup by defeating Netherlands (1-0).

.- 76 people die in attacks on two stores in Kampala (Uganda) when they watched the final of the World Cup.

2011.- The Spanish surgeon Pedro Cavadas act in La Fe Hospital in Valencia (eastern Spain) the first bilateral leg transplant in the world.

2015.- Drug trafficker’s second escape from Mexican prison Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman.

2017.- Donald Trump Jr.US President’s son publishes emails revealing he sought Russian support to undermine campaign Hillary Clinton.

2021.- Cuba records the most serious citizen protests since the 1990s, encouraged by economic and health situation that the country lives.


1920.- Yul BrynnerAmerican actor.

1934.- Giorgio ArmaniItalian designer and couturier.

1958.- Hugo SanchesMexican soccer player and coach.

1959.- Susana VegaAmerican singer.

1960.- Jafar PanahiIranian film director.

1963.- Manuel MarreroCuban Prime Minister.

1972.- Henry CaprilesVenezuelan politician.

1979.- Eric Abidalformer French footballer


1937.- George GershwinAmerican composer.

1974.- By LagerkvistSwedish writer and Nobel Prize winner in 1951.

1976.- Lion of GreiffColombian poet.

1989.- Laurence OliveiraBritish actor.

2003.- Maria Mercedes CarranzaColombian poet.

2007.- Alfonso Lopez Michelsenformer president of Colombia.

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2014.- Tom Ramonemember and founder of the rock band Ramones.

2015.- Satoru IwataJapanese businessman and president of Nintendo.

2023.- Milan KunderaCzech writer.

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