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“He’s a National Disgrace and an International Outcast”: The Times Colin Powell Slammed Donald Trump


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After the protests of January 6, 2021 -which ended in the assault on the Capitol-, the veteran American politician and former secretary of state Colin Powell He said it no longer made sense to continue to consider himself a Republican.

His rejection of the party had a first and last name: Donald Trump, a former president whom he accused of inciting the mob with lies about the electoral result.

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But it was not the first time that he pointed to him as the person responsible for the bad reputation of the Republicans and for not being prepared to take on the challenges posed by the White House.

After the passing of Powell because of complications related to COVID-19, we remember the times when he criticized and confronted Trump.


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In 2016, several emails were leaked from Powell due to a group hack DCLeaks. In them, the former Secretary of State said that Trump it was one “national disgrace” and a “international pariah”.

He also wrote that the then president was “in the process of destroying himself, no need for Democrats to attack him”.

In another of the emails […] describes Trump’s theory that the president, Barack Obama, was not really born in the country as ‘racist’“Writes the” Chicago Tribune. “


Powell, an emblematic figure of the Republican Party, did not vote for Trump in the 2016 elections. The man who worked with George W. Bush turned his back on his party for the second time (he had also supported Barack Obama). Why?

For him, Trump was not qualified for the position.

So Powell said he would vote for Hillary Clinton for his intelligence, experience and having the right temperament.

The other candidate […] he has insulted African Americans, Latinos, women, veterans, his own party leaders and those he has insulted the most are those who support him, making promises he cannot keep”.

Trump says, ‘believe me, trust me,’ but I don’t believe him. You say you want to make America great again, what does it mean again? Do you want to take me back 50 years? No thanks!”.

Already in 2020, Powell said openly that he supported Joe Biden, which caused the hysteria of Trump, who tweeted:

In his day, he was weak and gave everything away to the rest of the world – a shame for America. He was also wrong about the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ issue, and you know what it cost us”.

United States President Joe Biden.  (MANDEL NGAN / AFP).


In 2020, when Trump said it could deploy the Armed Forces to control protests in the streets (following marches like those in Black Lives Matter), Powell -as well as other retired soldiers- took the floor.

We have a Constitution. We have to fulfill it. And the president is walking away from her”.

And it was not the only time during the management Trump that questioned the leader and the Republicans in Congress. A year earlier, in 2019, he said:

They need to wake up and when they see things that are not right, say something about it. […] Because our foreign policy is a mess right now, in my humble judgment”.




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