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The man who hijacked a plane and escaped by jumping into the void with a fortune

The man who hijacked a plane and escaped by jumping into the void with a fortune

The man who hijacked a plane and escaped by jumping into the void with a fortune

DB Cooper was the author of the only unsolved air hijacking in USA. A fact that still raises many questions for specialists, researchers and, of course, ‘mystery lovers’.

The man threatened the crew of the commercial flight from Portland to Seattle with a bomb in order to carry out a Robbery in the heightsHe got away with it.

In fact, he has been ‘getting away’ with it for 50 years.

An unsolvable crime

It was 1971. November 24, the prelude to Thanksgiving, a traditional North American holiday.

Four parachutes and 200 thousand dollars in bills of 20 were what Cooper demanded not to detonate the explosive element that, supposedly, he had in his briefcase, according to the reports of the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States.

After jumping out of the plane with his bounty, all trace of him se vanished.

November this year will mark 50 years of his criminal feat.


According to FBI reports, a subject who identified himself as Dan Cooper he bought his one-way ticket on Northwest Orient Airlines flight # 305 with cash.

Once on board, she told one of the hostesses, identified as Tina Mucklow, that had a bomb.

So, bluntly.

He had her sit next to him to show him the tangled wires and what appeared to be sticks of dynamite that were inside his briefcase. At that time, passing him a note, he demanded $ 200,000 (currently it would add $ 1.2 million) and the parachutes, according to the FBI.

This is the spoken portrait of Dan Cooper, the mysterious airplane hijacker.  (Photo:

The plane had been hijacked. Cooper ‘imprisoned’ the 36 passengers and onboard personnel. Although the flight to Seattle was only 30 minutes, once in the city the flight controllers held the plane giving turns in the air for about two hours, while on land they collected the money Cooper asked for.

We need to burn fuel due to a minor mechanical problem”Was the explanation obtained by the other passengers, who were unaware of the danger they were in.

The escape

The aircraft landed, the other passengers left safely and the stewardess put the juicy sum of money inside the plane. “The hijacker traded the 36 passengers on the flight for money and parachute”, Narrate the FBI reports.

The same documents ensure that the ship, with several crew members, took off again, this time the route was from Seattle to Mexico City.

The criminal ordered the pilot not to fly higher than 10,000 feet (348 meters), it was almost 8 p.m.

The flight attendant in question told ‘Rolling Stone’ that she helped Cooper open the hatch that led to the stairs at the back of the aircraft and indicated how the stairs were lowered.

Four to five minutes after the plane took off, the hijacker told Mucklow that he could join the pilots in the cockpit.“Said the aforementioned media. The reports explain that no member of the crew left the cabin until they landed.

Since then nothing was heard from again about the bomb or about the money, much less about the kidnapper. “The hijacker did the unbelievable: he jumped from the back of the plane with a parachute and the ransom money “, indicate the official files.

This is the bag from one of the parachutes that Cooper was given for his escape.  (Photo:

Who was DB Cooper?

The FBI describes the kidnapper as “A man in his 40s, dressed in a business suit, with a black tie and a white shirt”.

Since the subject’s disappearance, the FBI began a long and thorough investigation which they baptized as NORJAK (Northwest Hijacking), in Spanish ‘Kidnapping of the Northwest.’ The documents assure that, according to one of the hypotheses raised, Cooper did not survive when he jumped from the plane.

After all, the parachute he was using couldn’t be maneuvered, his clothing and footwear weren’t suitable for a rough landing, and he had jumped into a wooded area at night – a dangerous proposition for a seasoned professional, which evidence suggests Cooper It was not”Emphasized the investigation.

Despite the efforts of the authorities, identify the subject It was not possibleThe records indicate that, from day one to five years after the kidnapping, they had made a list of 800 suspects and had discarded most, except 24 of them.

It was reported that the only thing that had not disappeared was the tie that the man was wearing, which he left on one of the seats. They ruled out the suspects using DNA samples obtained from the garment.

This was the tie found on the plane seat.  (Photo:

Some suspects and few leads

Richard Floyd McCoy he was one of the FBI’s ‘favorite’ suspects. He was captured by the authorities after perpetrating a similar kidnapping almost five months after the first kidnapping.

But McCoy was later ruled out because he did not match the physical descriptions.”Reads the FBI report.

Another of the big suspects was Sheridan Peterson, who died in January of this year. In his youth he was a sailor and fond of skydiving. He also served in World War II.

He was 44 at the time of the mysterious crime and his physical description matched the spoken portrait.

Despite that, they never arrested him.

An extensive manhunt ensued, but the kidnapper was never identified or captured, resulting in one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in American history.”Says the encyclopedia ‘Britannica’. The FBI officially closed the case in 2016, 45 years later of the events.

These bills were found in 1980. They were $ 5,800 that matched the serial number of the ransom.  (Photo:

What happened to DB Cooper?

His figure and his crime still unsolved they inspired some artistic and literary pieces.Ten years after the perpetration of the robbery, in 1981, the writer Max S. Collins wrote ‘Papeles en el aire’, a police novel that, in a way, portrays the situation of the robbery on the plane.

n the Marvel series’Loki‘a reference to the mysterious character was made, implying that it was’ the god of deception’ who perpetrated the crime and disappeared back to Asgard, a story that seems to move between reality and fiction.

According to the series, Cooper was an invention of Loki, a character played by Tom Hiddleston.  (Photo: Disney +).



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