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“A gun to the temple”: Why does Poland accuse the EU of being on the verge of starting the Third World War?

On one side is Poland, who accuses that the European Union of wanting to interfere in internal affairs. At the head, the continental body maintains that the country must fulfill the responsibilities of being a member state.

What’s going on? By joining the EU, all nations agree to subordinate their laws to the north indicated by the entity. But, a recent ruling by the constitutional Court Polish, says it is unfeasible.

In that context is that Mateusz Morawiecki, ministro primer of Poland, declared that, if the European Union cuts the flows of money, it could be understood as a hostile act only comparable to the “start of the third world war”.

Or, to use your words, for the EU to call them “a gun to the temple”.


After the ultra-conservative Morawiecki raised a question to the Constitutional Court – what weighs more: Polish law or that of the European Union? -, the court indicated that certain parts of the continental treaty were “incompatible”With on Carta Magna.

There was, then, no major discussion: Polish laws outweigh those of the EU.

The body’s response was quick and direct. The Commissioner for Justice of the European Union, Didier Reynders, said:

A series of principles on which our Union is founded is being questioned, and this justifies that the European Commission, as guardian of the treaties, takes action on the matter”.

As there was no progress on the subject, Brussels He was tough: if they don’t comply, the financing ends. And it is not a minor punishment for the Poles.

“El País” notes that this money covers 60% of public investment in Poland.

And Europa Press collects that, currently, the EU has not yet authorized money to be sent to them (about 36 billion euros).

In response, Morawiecki has said:

We will get that money sooner or later. We will not give up, we will not give up our sovereignty because of this pressure”.

The European Union has preferred to put cold cloths on the matter and not respond to any comment on the matter. What he did say is that there is no room for thoughts of “war between member states or between member states and institutions that are common and shared among them”.

Who did say was Donald Tusk, former Prime Minister of Poland and former President of the European Council.

The world has been astonished after the interview of the Polish Prime Minister, in which he foreshadows the Third World War caused by the conflict between Poland and the European Union. In politics, stupidity is the cause of the most serious misfortunes”.


Two weeks ago, tens of thousands of Poles marched in a hundred cities in the country to make their opinion about this controversy heard: they do not want to stop being part of the European Union.

The protests were called by Donald Tusk, who also leads the opposition party, Civic Platform.

Tusk noted: “We want an independent, European, democratic Poland that respects the law and justice. These principles are crushed today by the power devoid of conscience and morals”.

“El País” also notes that the marches were not only to demonstrate their position on this issue.

The demonstration was also a vehicle for civil resistance, a shout against authoritarianism and the reactionary drift of the Government, which attacks the rule of law by undermining the independence of judges, but also the rights of women, of the LGTBI collective, of migrants and other minorities”.

Morawiecki took advantage of the situation and recalled that “88 percent of Poles want to stay in the EU”. Of them, said the prime minister, half voted for the “ultra-conservative ruling formation”.

We are absolutely convinced that Poland wants to stay”, He sentenced.


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